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Modding Optimization - Better Access Toward Files, Improved Editor, Modding-Friendly.

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As we all aware,

The Modding of Aoh2 is hard for an newbie, this issue was simply an common knowledge and it was worth pointing out that Aoh3 SHALL NOT and MUST NOT takes the bad features of the Aoh2 modding.


The first thing is the Data Files of the Game. In Aoh2, and specifically Android, this problem has hampered the significant amount of features-addition and Manual Civ-Installation. There is an solution for Android:

-Moves the Data Files toward External, Internal(Android, Data), Or Both: This is to made an better access toward the files and basically use the solution made by PC-Port of Moddable game to android.


(Improved Editor)

The Elephant in the room was the Editor here, there is an good features of the Aoh2 Editor but to say... It was an potential.

The Flag Editor:

The Flag Editor have to be the most wasted potential amongst the editor, Why? Because it could be a lot better, why not🙃


-You can't paste Flag Files from your External Files. Just really the most frustrating when you only can add your downloaded Files Manually? I propose an feature for both PC and Android to basically open the File Manager or In-game file explorer to just add an Flag without any hassle. I do recommend we can add symbols of the flag too.

-Color Palette, not quite an big issue out there but simply that you can add color palattes file from your storage to add more colours? (Less of an big issue).

-Ability for the Editor-Flag to be extracted from the Apps to External, if someone really wants our creation or simply we want to place our hardworked Flag somewhere safe.

That's it for the Flag Editor....

Leader Editor:

I mean it's an common knowledge that this feature is an letdown in Aoh2😔

-Ability to Add Leader Image From External or Internal, same as the flag editor.

-Leaders Description.

-Birth and Death mechanics reworked, i recommend that Death Mechanics to be reworked or removed since it broke event.

Scenario Editor:

-Improved Events Editor, add very much of the Conditions of event so we can add event easily. Or simply just made the Event easily edited from the Data Files.

-Superevents, Important Events, and others. Quite an big amount of people(especially someone who familiar with Hoi4 knows this), it's basically event in an much more important tiers.

Ideology Editors and Political Factions(Parties and stuffs):

-We can add our own ideology with ease, and add icons from the directory.

-Political Factions such as Parties, Officer Faction or Intellegentsia can be influential toward nation. There is an big potential for we to edit parties with different leaders and Agenda.

And more issues to adress...

(I will keep continue adding things if there's any suggestion).....

Edited by OGAS Halal1917

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