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Age of History 3

Balance of power mechanic

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Will there be a mechanism that make it harder for you to expand the more you conquer

Like the coalition against France

If you took multiple factions and became too powerful for your area/riegen all small factions in it or even the big one form a coalition against you 

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It definitely make the game stand out of all paradox games because none of them have it 

And the problem with all of those games is that it gets boring after you become powerful (you can conquer anyone)

It will be challenging that the bigger you get the harder for you to expand. And not just for you but if in ai get too powerful all small states around it start allying with each other and with you or simply asking neighbouring powers to guarantee  Thier independence 

And that will also put a use to (guarantee independence) future 

Or if you create an alliance Other will try to counter it by allaying 

Which will create some big world wars in the late game

And it wouldn't require creating new futures just good use the existing ones 

And the bigger and stronger a faction gets the more area this mechanic covers like kinda what happened with the french, mongols and ottomans

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