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Age of History 3

Decisions/tasks of countries

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Based on the materials shown, it is clear that the game will have general and individual events that will be triggered due to a certain trigger.

But. The game would become much richer and more varied if there was a panel with solutions written there. I'll explain now. It is not necessary to immediately create an event based on a trigger. Let the result of the task and its conditions be visible. And then the player or AI will decide to execute/continue the decision when it sees fit.

The result of this could be the implementation of some kind of megaproject; the beginning of a unique historical project for a state or place; formation of a new state/religion; or simply receiving some change in the country permanent or temporary.


На основе показанных материалов видно, что в игре будут общие и индивидуальные ивенты, которые будут срабатывать из-за определённого триггера.

Но.  Игра стала бы куда насыщенне и разнообразнее, если бы существовала панель с прописанными там решениями. Сейчас объясню. Не обязательно сразу создавать ивент на основе триггера. Пусть будет виден результат задания и его условия. А потом игрок или ИИ решит выполнить/прожать решение когда посчитает нужным.

Результатом подобного может быть выполнение какого-то мегапроекта; начало уникального исторического для государства или места проекта; формирование нового государства/религии; или просто получения некоторого изменения в стране постоянного или временного.



@Łukasz Jakowski, please, think about it.

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10 hours ago, Łukasz Jakowski said:

Missions can be visible and its conditions




Thanks for the answer. Will there be separate unique solutions and missions for specific states? For example, the allocation of a vassal "Province of Iberia" if for Byzantium you get 100% of the military score against Spain/Castile/Aragon? Or get additional income if you have 3 provinces in the northern Black Sea region for Venice/Genoa (the Tatars sold the Slavs to the Italians).

This would be great for being able to play out the story progression differently for a specific tag.

You don't have to come up with them yourself. Just leave this option open. Like solutions in EU4 or HOI 4.

I am sincerely grateful for your attention.

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