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About mod:

New formable civilizations, redone from zero.
The formable civilizations have been redone only for the map of Europe.
Now there are 150+ formable civilizations for EUROPE in comparison of 93 vanilla formable civilizations for the WORLD map.
All the formable civilizations are HISTORICAL and existed in reality.
(okay, almost)

Only PC!!!
Current version: pre-release1

Supported languages:

English, Deutsch, Русский, Türk, Український.




Some interesting ways (not all, just example):


German Confederation


Holy Roman Empire


HRE Italy


Deus Vult


Greater Ottoman Empire (1683)


Great Austrian Empire




pre-release1 (02.06.2024)

  • Added Kurdistan
  • Added ISIL
  • Added French Africa
  • Added Great Marocco
  • Fixed Arab Conquests
  • Fixed Kingdom of Iraq
  • Fixed Baltic Duchy
  • Fixed Fascist Italy
  • Fixed Italy
  • Fixed Napoleon Italy
  • Fixed Gallia

After installation, unzip the ZIP-archive, transfer the files from the mod folder to the folder with the game and click "replace" or "merge".

Updates will not be released on weekends.

Special thanks to: image.png.42314bd3b2f6c22c7678c3f4c6dd1731.png PoedatelPelmeney228
 please donate 🍵



Other versions archive


beta3 (27.05.2024)

  • Added Habsburg Monarchy 
  • Added Greater Austrian Empire
  • Added Warsaw Pact
  • Added Fascist Iraq
  • Added Serbia and Montenegro
  • Added Illyria
  • Added Great Croatia
  • Added Montenegro
  • Fixed Austrian Empire
  • etc. (fixes)

beta2 (24.05.2024)

  • Added Switzerland
  • Fixed 1683 Ottoman Empire
  • Fixed Great Sweden
  • Fixed WW1 Albania and Great Albania
  • Fixed Kingdom of Hungary

beta1 (23.05.2024)

  • Added Carthage
  • Added Gallia
  • Added First (French) Empire
  • Added Fascist Croatia
  • Added Great Croatia
  • Added Balkan Federation
  • Added Greater Balkan Federation
  • Added Serbia
  • Added Confederation of the Rhine
  • Added Safavids
  • Added North German Confederation
  • Added Prussia
  • Added Brandenburg-Prussia
  • Added Kingdom of Prussia
  • Added Prussia (small)
  • Added Antioch
  • Added Vagharshapat
  • Added Bethlehem
  • Added Papal States
  • Added Nazareth
  • Added Constantinople
  • Added Greater Ottoman Empire
  • Fixed Western Rome
  • Fixed HRE Italy
  • Fixed Fascist Italy
  • Fixed Napoleon Italy
  • Fixed Deus Vult
  • Fixed all languages

b4v1 (22.05.2024)

  • Added Western Rome
  • Added Roman Empire
  • Added Greece
  • Added Ancient Macedonia
  • Added Macedonian Empire
  • Added Jerusalem
  • Added Alexandria
  • Added Deus Vult
  • Added Karaman
  • Fixed Monarchical Greece
  • etc. (fixes)

b3v1 (21.05.2024)

  • Added Great Alania
  • Added Frisia
  • Added Alpine Republic
  • Added République Helvétique
  • Added Kievan Rus
  • Added Transcarpathia
  • Added Fascist Hungary
  • Fixed Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Fixed Hetmanate Ukraine
  • Fixed Kingdom of Hungary

b2v1 (20.05.2024)

  • Added Spanish Empire
  • Added Hetmanate Ukraine
  • Added Livonia
  • Added Empire of North Sea
  • Fixed Belorussian SSR
  • Fixed Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Fixed Monarchical Greece
  • Fixed map
  • etc. (fixes)
  1. b2v2 (20.05.2024)
  • Added Ukrainian language support
  • Added Turkish language support
  • Added German language support



For other modmakers:
"Rule of three yes"
Yes, you can use my mod for yours and dont leave link to original.
Yes, you can edit my mod for yours and dont leave link to original.
Yes, you can remake my mod for reupload, just leave link to original.
No, you can't say that this mod is yours.

Edited by mycat
02.06.2024 — Mod updated [pre-release1]

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