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Age of Civilizations

Alguien recuerda el post de "AOC android Special Edition"?

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    • By Lucas L
      Hi, I accidentaly change the leader of France during the age of revolution, and I added Napoleon Bonaparte III and Louis Philippe suddenly disappeared.
      In the past, when I was doing some maps, I learnt that if you change the born date,the leader change depending on it, and I tried to change the born date of Louis Philippe and it doesn't work.
      Any suggestions?
      (Thank you for your attention and help!)
      Edit 18/01/2019: I found a solution! You only have to create a new leader with all the things of the leader you have deleted with the date of born of the leader that you wants to delete.
      In my case, Louis Philippe born the 20th April 1808 ( Date of born of Napoleon III) and suddenly Napoleon III disappeared!
      I hope that the people of android learn how to delete a leader with this post!
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Oxix_Polska
      Czy ma ktoś scenariusz z Podlasiem (taki z eventami)?
    • By PANTIC
      I DON't know why what i did cause my topic deleted :\ i mean aoc II mod 1v
    • By PANTIC
      ▪Governments.json files
      ▪what new in dsh Governments.json
      •Social Democracy
      (and more)
      ●how install •
      Governments.json>aocII file > game > paste here
      UI > aoc II file > paste here 
    • By CCCP
      I don't know how to start my "career'' with scenarios.It can be Alternative History and scenario like "United States",or "Brazil" and if you want I can make scenario for Aoc1 too.
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