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Few additions to events (Triggers, Outcomes)

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My suggestions for triggers and outcomes in events:



"Passed [x] days since [event] happened" (in "[event]" there could be selected every single one, including the very same event we are writing) - It would be nice for elections (terms) or constant mechanics made with events, as well as higher precision in relations between events.

- [character] is appointed (anywhere) - self-explanatory

- [country] borders with [another country]



- Peace with everyone - self-explanatory

- Triggers [event] in [x] days - Trigger any event unconditionaly after some days after decision was make have passed 

- Add unconditional income - Money that player would get without anything required -


I would also make it possible to assign every variable (or just some) to a number - and then to be able to change it via Outcomes as well. So that event and decisions could add together.


I will also leave here my archaic suggestion for events, some things may be still relatable although not everything: http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/235339-general-scenario-editor-events-uptade-technical-proposals




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