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  1. Collect all Troops to a specific Spot
    1. In a configurable Radius >=1 and <=15
    2. Select a province that is set as a "Go To" spot, this is where all troops in a radius of up to 15 Provinces will move to in 1 Button Click
      1. This is very useful if you conquered a country with a lot of troops and split every time you get a new land
  2. Move all Troops to a specific Spot
    1. Worldwide!
    2. Select a province as a "Go To" spot.
      1. This is useful if you need to support Allys or Vassals that fight somewhere else.
        1. I had this issue in a game where i as Germany joined an alliance with Russia and Austria and they fought China and i had no way of moving all my troops quick enough to stop that fight, Russia was almost lost twice!
  3. Annex Countries that are not a vassal
    1. Like Russia did it with the Crimea
      1. Potential Risk of starting a War with that country.
        1. Depending on Economy e.g. if that country can afford to pull a war.
      2. Potential Risk of starting a War with friends of that country.
        1. Depending on existing friendly Nations with the country you try to annex.
          1. If there are no Friends, have fun calling it your new land.
      3. Potential Risk of starting a Revolution in these Provinces after Annexation.
        1. Does NOT depend on Economics or Stability.
          1. Stability Drops to 1% no matter what...
      4. Small Bonus to the Military and Economy in adjacent Provinces
        1. Less Upkeep
        2. Cheaper / Quicker building of Farms and workshops/shops
          1. Less income during War
        3. Unable to build Forts
      5. Minus Stability, that's not a thing, so Stability instantly drops to 1%.
    2. Diplomatic
      1. Negotiation.
        1. Takes at least 10 and a maximum of 25 turns.
          1. Less Risk of starting any form of War.
          2. Medium Risk of starting a revolution.
            1. If Revolution is the case, negotiations will be slowed down by another 10 rounds.
            2. Depends on Economics and Stability
              1. If Economy is decently high:
                1. Add up all economic Values and devide by the amount of Provinces, subtract 20%.
              2. If Average Stability is >=40%
              3. If the province has been raided before, 
          3. Higher Chance of Integration of the other population
            1. Integration doesn't drop to 1%
            2. Base Integration of 40% if troops are in an adjacent Province to that country
              1. Troops will be lost if negotiations are positive, therefor Integration Bonus
            3. Theoretical Integration of Half the Province Value -0.002% per 20 People
              1. Example
                1. Value = 99% devided by 2 == 49.5%
                2. People = 4630
                3. People devided by 20 == 231.5 ~= 232
                4. Multiply 232 with 0.002 == 0.464%
                5. 49.5% - 0.464% == 49.036% <-- New Integration Level
              2. This has a heavy impact on Countries with big Population numbers!
              3. Population over 499950 will always be 1% Integration
              4. Only if no troops in adjacent Provinces (from your Nation!)
  4. Provoke a Revolution in other Countries
    1. Pay the population
      1. You need to be Enemies with the opposing Country
      2. You need to have a Ministry of Foreign Affair built in your Capital
        1. New Type of Building that lets you interact with the different needs of another Country
          1. Also lets you provoke Revolutions in enemy Nations
        2. Can only be built in your Capital city, will be destroyed if you move capital to different Province

This will be expanded over Time!

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