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Risk: age of history 2 edition, version 0.4.1 (download available)

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hello everyone, i'm new to this platform,  plus this map i was working on, took me about 6 days in total when it's come to map making, what inspire me is that some famous guy on the forum with xi as profile pic called age of history 2 as "risk ripoff", but without further a do, welcome to:

RISK: age of history 2 edition


+almost like aoh1, but way smaller.

+no sea provinces yet, so it'll feel like old risk game.

-some country placement may be wrong but it's not like risk was accurate to begin with.


- six scenario as of right now (there'll be more to come, don't worry)

0.2 update : + fixed the regional placement of the map.

+ added a new scenario: 1440.

+ a ton of formable nations, around 27.

+ created alot of city in different provinces.

-  due to the lack of sea province in the map, there's only one province wastelanded in 1440.

-  i accidently made H.R.E the number one in 1440.

0.3 update: + fixed terrain placement slightly, and fix some continent placement *northern north America and Alaska ain't Asia*

+ 3 more scenarios added.

+ made a new civilization exclusive to one scenario (the requested one).

- still no sea provinces as of now.

note: the map was made with map editor 2 and edited with vanilla game.

0.4 update: + brand new but probably stolen and modified a bit map: africa.

+ a new scenario for original risk map.

- still no sea province for original risk map...

0.4.1 update: + some minor fixes around connection between provinces.

+  three new scenarios for risk Africa.

+ around 11 formable nations added.

- still no update for original risk map (i'll get around for this sometime).

download down below if you're interested:

(for some dumb reason, the mod is undownloadable unless you're a member of this website forum, i'll look around this once the rar file getting heavy or something like that )


Risk age of history 2 edition (version 0.4.1).rar

Edited by mimida21
updating the maps

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Just now, Chairman Baad said:

Suggestion: A scenario with a random civilization for each territory.

no, that's just random scenario, only available in option in any scenario ever.

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1 minute ago, mimida21 said:

no, that's just random scenario, only available in option in any scenario ever.

Then how about a scenario with custom civs representing each of the map territories?

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2 minutes ago, Chairman Baad said:

Then how about a scenario with custom civs representing each of the map territories?

i'd like to do it, if this map do well i 'might' make a scenario about it.

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On 3/30/2021 at 11:32 AM, mimida21 said:

0.4 update: + brand new but probably stolen and modified a bit map: africa

+ a new scenario for original risk map

- still no sea province for original risk map...

updated and has Risk Africa map now.

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