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Age of Civilizations

1600 [Work in progress]

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14 hours ago, EdwardofBritannia said:

Make Spain the Iberian Union, cuz Portugal was in a union with Spain. Of course it was dominated, but it was a union.

I already did that (and I knew about it) 


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16 minutes ago, Guest Mustafa said:

Realese date?

Depends I'll finish my exams on Jan 24th and I have to travel afterwards ill work on it while travelling (but since there's no Internet connection where I'm going) it'll probably be released in about 2 weeks 

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    • By labgames2
      This is my first scenario, so like and share!
      for more ;D
    • By Ilovethisgame2
      Sorry,I cant take any photos etc. now but its the same as my whole world 1683 scenario
      Download me!
    • By Edisonek
      Siemka, przedstawiam wam scenariusz z 1600 roku. Pracowałem nad nim ok.4 miesiące z przerwami,a jak miałem skończyć,to musiałem coś poprawiać.Mam nadzieję, że nie ma żadnych błędów w granicach.Czytałem nawet wikipedie po angielsku hehe ;D.Jeżeli są błędy w granicach państw,walnijcie screenshota i według granic prowincji w grze narysujcie poprawne kontury.
      Hi, this is scenario from 1600. I worked on it for four months with breaks. I hope you'll like it :)
      Elo,stworzyłem już update,który dodaje przywódców do scenariusza 😉
      link do polskiej wersji scenariusza:
      Dodałem również parę nowych państw,oraz usunąłem niektóre państwa.Również niektóre państwa otrzymały upgrade:
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      Kartli-Kakheti>>>>>Kartlia i Kachetia
      Miłego grania 😄
       Hi, I've already created an update to the scenario, which contains small patches within the limits and adds leaders. Enjoy the game 😄
      1600 (english).zip
    • By Ilovethisgame2
      1683 SCENARIO
      (All borders may not be true)

      Update 1:                                              
      Added mayan empire              Fixed some borders                 Made Joseon indepent            Balanced countries                   Added custom civs folder        
                                                               (Massive)Update 2:                                                                     
      Fixed most of the borders       Added tons of new countries in Africa,Asia,Oceania and       Americas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
      (Massive)Update 3:        
      Fixed the Europe borders            Fixed South America borders                    
                                                                                                                                             Update 4:                                                                                                                                                                        
      Added tribes to canada,mexico, usa,south america,oceania         Fixed some of the carribean and america borders.                                                                                                                Added some more colonies to porteguese and spain.                                                                                                          Made Lithuania Poland-Lithutania Commonwealth                                                                                                               Download                                                                                                                                                
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