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Age of Civilizations
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Holy Roman Soviet Republic

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    • By LegAbyss
    • By LegAbyss
    • By Adx97
      Normal diplomacy 
      Integrate vassal 
      - required >50 relations. It slowly (turn per turn) assimilate vassal ( unlike demand annexation that need to assimilate after annexing ), it cost diplomatic point and money depend on vassal size (population). 
      Coalition  ( I know about coalition in trade) 
      - Temporary alliance of few nation against large nation that have -50 relations with those nation, disband after war. 
      Great power  
      - Interfere in war ( take side, occupied province automatically transferred to the nation that you take side) 
      Holy Roman Empire
      - HRE Emperor 
      - Grant / revoke electorate (+/- 20 relations) 
      - Invite nation to HRE ( nation must be weaker than you ) 
      - Non HRE member 
      - Disband HRE ( HRE emperor and elector province is occupied ) 
      - Add 'threat' (-20 relations) to nation that being conquered by you. -10 relations to nation that was at war. -20 relations to nation that you have their core. Nation that have HRE province get -20 relations to all HRE members. 
      - HRE Emperor get +1 diplomatic point every turn. 
    • By Shehab666
      What if The Holy Roman Empire was forced to recolonize the world?
      Welcome to Holy Roman Exodus, an EU4 ported mod.
      this is still in development, suggestions are open

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