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Hire more employees

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Lukasz, you need to hire more employees if you want to make your game successful. Because, if you don't, this game might just die.

There are tons of suggestions in the forums. You already have the ideas. But you don't have the capacity to implement all of those ideas to the game with just 1 person.

Being an one man army is cool, but sometimes you just need to increase your capacity. And that is by hiring more people to work on AoC2.


You could atleast make some moderator application in the forums, literally anything. This community won't work forever with just 1 person moderating and doing everything lol.

I hope you take my suggestion into account.

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36 minutes ago, Strangefancypants said:

would be nearly impossible, he cant headquarter his newfound company/team of developers in his apartment, plus he sells a 5 dollar game that gets pirated a lot ); so how is he going to pay their wage?

Well, atleast he got some money for now, I don't know about his income though lol.

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2 hours ago, PolishKawaiian said:

Он занят работой над обновлениями

I hope that Lukash will pay attention to the mobile version as well, as it’s full of mistakes,After all, Android users are the first fans of the game)Don't forget about it!

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