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1880 (WIP)

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This scenario will try to recreate the year 1880 as accurate as possible. Unlike the 1868 scenario, i will try to keep up this mod.

Currently, this scenario is being made in the mod Addon +, and has 23 custom civilizations, with more to come in the future!

Here are some photos from the current state of the scenario. Please tell me if you see any mistakes.

("I" will refer to incomplete)

North Africa(The nation south of French Algeria is the Southern Territories.) (I)


Egypt (Finished)


United States w/ Territories(Finished)


France (I)


Southern Africa (I)



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    • By Alex The Lame
      I wanna share with you guys how to play Victoria 1 in android
      What you need:
      - The game file you can get it from numerous site here's one of them: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://igg-games.com/victoria-complete-free-download.html&ved=2ahUKEwjm3OfEgvPzAhVe83MBHaFdAjkQFnoECC8QAQ&usg=AOvVaw0ai1q3zSW75jSIxDwhDIHP
      - Zarchiver  
      -exagear 3.0.2
      Continue in the comments section👇

    • By Reich Chancellor Alexander
      there aren't any events in here..so anywho here's the preview and the download link.
      download link: The eighteen hundreds.rar
    • By St.Chmnd
      AD NOVA AURORA is a “Victorian Era” based scenario, which will try to include different polities which existed during said time period. From the renewed map of Post Napoleonic Europe, to the fairly recent Latin American republics, and from the Great Plains of the Midwest North America, to the princely states of India. A world full of possibilities, situated just at the dawn of a new era, with the rise of nationalism, colonization and new political ideologies.
      The difference between this version, and the previous one I made in the “scenarios” category (and the Conqueror’s scenario too), is that now (after some decisions here and there), we decided to include more content to the mod (we also won’t be using Addon+ as the base of the mod this time).
      The bigger difference to the original would also be the inclusion of a “revamped” version of the map, where, instead of creating a totally new one, this one will be based off the vanilla one, but with a lot of modified provinces (so the borders of the 19th and early 20th century were possible to represent).
      Link to our discord: https://discord.gg/FNVgp5ZDtR
      Link to our “previous” versions (The 1830 scenario: “Dawn of an Era”):
       The original scenario thread, where you can DOWNLOAD THE BETA, and see the development of the first stage of the mod:
      “Conqueror’s” port. The scenario is also present in the mod from version 1.5 onwards. This version also fixed some things of the previous beta above:
      What we’ve already added/are working mostly into it:
               More provinces for the vanilla map          Over 300+ new nations from all over the world. We plan to up this number even more, with ton of new possible nations for the player to choose from.          New flags for a lot of the civs, giving the change of ideologies a different aesthetic and identity too.          A “perfected” version of the 1830 start date scenario.          New Music, to give a much more atmospheric feeling to the player.           New ideologies, with custom icons. This ideologies will try to reflect the different currents of political thought that either already existed or appeared during those years.          An original alternate history scenario, based off a premise we can’t reveal (for now!).          New Formable nations, from historical sources, to other more “fictional” ones. ·         Changes to various names of things (example: Change “vassal” to “protectorate”, change “diseases” to “situations”, etc).
      What we plan to do in the future:
               New scenarios, going from the Congress of Vienna to the early years of the 20th century.          Events for different scenarios.          New UI and sounds.          The option to change AI aggressiveness to 0.          Hopefully, a new Map Background.          New terrain pictures. Those are our “achievable” goals. We could try to reach other things, but we don’t want to be too ambitious hahaha. We will probably be working by “stages”, trying to complete objectives little by little (this mod will probably take some time to be completed, but we will probably release beta versions, or an initial release with expansions coming after).
      I’ll use this thread to post important advancements or “Dev Diaries” (maybe even the “To Fix” section I had in the scenario thread could return here). Also, most answers could be either done by me or @Commieslav, in case someone has a question about the mod. Most “instant info” will probably be given at the discord.
      I want to also give a huge thanks to everyone who has given me and the team either help, encouragement, congratulations, corrections, and useful critics to the “predecessor” of this mod! We hope to bring even more enjoyable content to the community with this one too!

    • By Enesimo
      Some countries are representative
      Tell me about the errors (TR) 
      Bazı ülkeler temsilidir
      Hataları bana söyleyin

    • By Latvian Dagauvs
      Yesterday I announced my first scenario, well here its is 
      download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sEAr6eoQvAed40wMbu9EZBwnaZTwOfge/view?usp=sharing
      comment if theirs any bugs or can't download 
      and yeah its probably bad 

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