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Age of Civilizations

1858 *UPDATE*

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    • By Lucas L
      Hi, I usually do ''normal'' scenarios, but today I will show you a very unknow scenario:
      The Cochinchina Campaign.
      I was investigating about some new scenarios to create, and I found this.
      For the people that doesn't know about this campaign, I give you a Wikipedia link below.
      This scenario includes:
      -Spain with colonies (Isabella II it's the leader)
      -France with colonies (Napoleon Bonaparte III it's the leader)
      -Nguyen Dinasty (Tu Duc it's the leader)
      -An alliance between Spain and France against Nguyen Dinasty (like in the real history, and in the scenario Spain and France are already in war with Nguyen Dinasty)
      I know that it's very unfair for the Nguyen Dinasty, but the life it's not fair xD.
      About technology: the three civilizations have the standard technology level, 0,45.
      Update 26/03/2019:
      I am from Android and I can't share a download link until the Workshop arrives, but I can give you some pictures of the scenario:
      Release: waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Latvian Dagauvs
      Yesterday I announced my first scenario, well here its is 
      download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sEAr6eoQvAed40wMbu9EZBwnaZTwOfge/view?usp=sharing
      comment if theirs any bugs or can't download 
      and yeah its probably bad 

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