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What if the Ottoman Empire won WW1?

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My Name is GoldHd1345 and i am currently working on a Scenario that is called "Green Moon", what if the Ottoman Empire won WW1?

!Addon+ is required! 

I will be making three Scenarios:

Green Moon (1 January 1927) (Finished)

The Dawn of the green Moon (19 October 1933) (Finished)

Aftermath (1 Feburary 1936) (Finished)

Rise of the second Ottoman Empire (Coming Soon)

World at war (Coming Soon)

The New World Order (Coming Soon)

Lost World (Coming Soon)

Screenshots and Updates will follow, as i make progress




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So here is the history:

WW1 happend, but the Ottoman Empire stayed neutral. As the German Empire slowly began to win, the Ottoman empire declared war on the Mittelmächte. Italy joined on Ottoman side. As the borders in bulgaria, greece and serbia were undefended, the Ottoman empire decided to strike an massive offensive through the Balkans. The second siege of vienna began, but the Ottomans had taken vienna, so Austria& Hungary collapsed. The Americans saw what happens in europe, as in fear that the Ottomans are going to rule the world declared war on the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans and the Italians pushed through munich. The Germans freaked out and immediately signed an treaty in munich. Germany collapsed in many states with different ideologies and ideas. After that, the British Empire and France surrendered to the Ottomans. After that the Ottomans launched a massive offensive to america. The Ottomans landed in Florida and the Italians landed in New York. The plan was, that the Ottomans push to California and the Italians to Canada. But the Americans striked back, at the battle of jacksonville. Meanwhile the Italians had great success at the battle of edison, as the american field leader was captured. The Ottomans took jacksonville back and breaced through Georgia. The Italians sieged Washington D.C. After 8 years of war, the americans surrendered and signed the great treaty of rome. 

The Terms:

Italy will be regnosised as the Republic of Rome.

France will give up africa, the british too.

Russia will be spilt into two, the under half will be a autonomic district of the Ottoman Empire.

The Roman Republic will take a part of France and take Slovenia.

Romania will be taken as a Vassal of the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman empire will annex grecce, serbia, bosnia, albania, croatia, parts of Romania and will have full Access to Austria, hungary and the ukraine.

The United States of America will spilt into two, the half from Washington to Nebraska will be a Ottoman Vassal.

The UK will be dissolved and the piece of England will be a Ottoman Vassal.

Brittany (France) will be a Ottoman Vassal.

Little parts of Switzerland will be granted to the Roman Republic.

Czechslovakia will be granted Independence.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Poland will granted Independence.

Poland will take everthing what Poland took in the real treaty of versaille.

The Ottomans Annex the sea parts of Morocco, Egypt, Libya and Algeria.

In Arabia, Saudia Arabia, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Qatar will be a Ottoman Vassal. Kuwait will be annexed.

Iran will be a Ottoman Vassal and granted Aserbaidshan and Armenia.

India will be spilt into two. The Muslimic part will be a Ottoman Vassal, the other half will be granted Independence.


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50 minutes ago, GoldHD1345 said:

I think in the history i have been not so accurate, when there is any Problems, tell them to me.

 The scenario is good but the Ottomans couldnt control all of that land is too much land to control instantly so can you fix that?

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1 hour ago, PrussiaBoi said:

 The scenario is good but the Ottomans couldnt control all of that land is too much land to control instantly so can you fix that?

I made the vassals with the same color, the Ottoman Empire  just control the historical borders, believe me

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So...…..on to the other two Maps 🙂 P.S. actually when everything is finished, i will make more Scenarios, don't want to spoil anything yet.


ADDON+ is required guys :)))))))))))))))))))))))

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