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Could uprisings be more useful in this game?

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This topic will be in vain because Lukasz Jakowski will not update AOC2. But let's go...

Was it really so hard to make a real revolt for AOC2? Uprisings have very simple mechanics and this even motivates you to invest in your opponents' rebels, but when the rebels appear it is totally disheartening. And while the mechanics of influencing the revolts are quite simple, they are very expensive. You will have to spend millions of coins to make it work.

What is the sense of a revolt that has a maximum of 200 soldiers ???? ANY NATION CAN END THE REVOLT! Even the worst nation in the game manages to crush the rebels.

There are only two ways for a revolt to work:

1 - If the rebels appear in a region disconnected from the rest of the country (such as an island, for example);

2 - If the nation that suffered the revolt is in a very complicated situation. And when I say "very complicated situation", I mean being in 3 wars at the same time and with half of your territory in the hands of your enemies.

Was it so difficult to get the rebels to ANNEX the provinces where they came from instead of just occupying them? And that they had at least 5000 SOLDIERS? It was no longer enough for the rebels to emerge with very few troops, now they are also unable to recruit more soldiers because the provinces are not theirs.

Summarizing my suggestion that will be completely ignored: make the revolts stronger because the way it is even a country that only has a population of 2000 thousand people manages to crush the revolt.

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I agree, but I don't think they should annex the provinces when they start. I think they should have more troops tho, and maybe have an attack bonus too. Because of the rebels the surrounding provinces should have some instability.

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8 minutes ago, Neon said:

Concordo, mas não acho que devam anexar as províncias quando começarem. Eu acho que eles deveriam ter mais tropas, e talvez um bônus de ataque também. Por causa dos rebeldes, as províncias vizinhas deveriam apresentar alguma instabilidade.

For me it would be better for the rebels to annex the provinces so that they could replace the lost units.

As it stands, the rebels only have the army that comes with them at the beginning and they have no way to recruit more soldiers.

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