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(Conquerors II) 'Wo alle Straßen enden' - What if Germany Barely won WW2? (In development


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4 minutes ago, Poland_in_1939 said:

thats is nice, will you let Kerem put this scenario into his mod or is it separate?

Well the mod changes language bundle files for modern country names which wouldnt work with medieval scenarios in main conquerors ii

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6 minutes ago, Ern and Vaux said:

Excuse me but what the heck is Thousand Day?
Thousand Week Reich is because you know one year is 52 weeks and if you divide thousand by 52 you get something like 20
when did Hitler rise to power? 1933 when is TWR 1952. 1952-1933=19 right? Good work you done but name is a bit bad

you are right. but i can not think of any other name

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