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[Tool] AOH2 Province Updater for Map Editor

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AOH2 Province Updater

I made this program because i had to make it lol and i made it in JavaScript.

This program updates provinces you have made with the Map Editor data, why should you/when to use this program? This program is used when you accidentally made a mistake while making your map and then not being able to overwrite or update the exported provinces with the Map Editor.

The way it works is by taking the Map Editor data / mapAoC2_v2.txt and exporting it to generate provinces.

The Instructions of how to use it is in the program.

GitHub Download/Releases https://github.com/honsda/AOH2-ProvinceUpdater/releases

Report bugs here https://github.com/honsda/AOH2-ProvinceUpdater/issues

Running the program in Windows
1. Download the Zip file from releases in GitHub. or download from here (v1.0.3) 

2. Extract the Zip file.
3. Run it and do what it says.

Also i only made an executable version of the program for Windows, you'll have to download the repository and run it by yourself.

Running the program for Non-Windows users
1. Download NodeJS for your OS.
2. Download the repository in GitHub. (Press "Code" and click "Download ZIP")
3. Extract the Zip file.
4. Open cmd prompt and redirect to the extracted folder using `cd <your-path-here>`.
5. Type `npm install` and wait for it to finish.
6. Run the program by typing `node update.js` on the cmd prompt.


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