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The Last Millenium: New version: 1.0.1 released (2/13/2022) (dead mod)

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On 31.10.2021 at 11:52, wbladew5 said:

Azraili biçemezsin. Azrail seni biçiyor! 😉


On 31.10.2021 at 11:56, wbladew5 said:

1-Belki de Rodos ilini küçültüp Midilli'yi Yunan anakarasından ayırmalısınız.

2-Hoy ilinin üst kısmını da ayırın.

tamam mı adamım

Damn boy, leave the mod behind

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  New update!

 The Red Storm 1.0.1


 • More than 100 new events in 1936

 • Full content for USA

 • Complete content for the USSR

 • UK Content

 • Finished TNO scenarios

 • Added leaders for the Reichskommisariats in Russia and some in Europe

 • Many new Reichskommisariats

 • Civilizations from the editor have been added to the game (can now be used in the editor in the Android version)

 • Rework ideologies

 • Many new civilizations

 • Leaders for the Russian states in the TNO scenario added

 • Rebellions in the Reichskommisariats in Russia in case of German Victory

 • New scenarios: Vivé la France and The Red Storm

 • New images for events

 • Monarchical victory in the Spanish civil war added (Spanish Empire)

 • Big nerf to Germany and Japan

 • Strengthening of the USSR and China

 • Changed the effects of terrain types

 • Allied victory in WW2 was added (yes, there wasn't yet XD)

 • The scenarios of 1939, 1941, 1942, 1836, 1792 and 1700 have been improved.

 • New leaders

 • Increased profits in 1936

 • New music 

• The events for the USA and the USSR will have an image and description

 • Change in the flags of the Chinese states of 1936

 • Now USA, UK and France will not lose millions of gold

 • Now the USSR will not lose gold during the Barbarossa operation

• New Font

• easter-egg

 • Minor changes

 • Bugs fixed


 (Psdt: if there is little text it is because I summarized it, for example this bug fix is in "fixed bugs": the Ukrainian core in Zlatoust was fixed)

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It's great!

I really love how forts actually feel like they have a serious impact on the outcome of an entire front.

I once held out against France on the Alsace border in WW1 though I was outnumbered,that 40% defense buff saved me and kept me covers for 3 years.

Good mod.

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My vasals are waging war at random, even though their ai aggression is 0 and vasal vs vasal, or when I call my alliance when I attack a country, my alliance declares war on me.

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how to install guys:< i cant find setup.exe file in this zip file pls help me, BTW i mean on pc


Edited by B3QS0NA

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If I wanted to, say, add the Alaskan-Canadian border fix that's in this mod to my vanilla version of the game on Steam, how would I go about doing that?

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Dude why did you removed the files, literally other users want to play the mod no matter if is dead or not. There's no need for deleting the damn files. So please update the links with the game files. 👍

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