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The Last Millenium: New version: 1.0.1 released (2/13/2022) (dead mod)

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On 31.10.2021 at 11:52, wbladew5 said:

Azraili biçemezsin. Azrail seni biçiyor! 😉


On 31.10.2021 at 11:56, wbladew5 said:

1-Belki de Rodos ilini küçültüp Midilli'yi Yunan anakarasından ayırmalısınız.

2-Hoy ilinin üst kısmını da ayırın.

tamam mı adamım

Damn boy, leave the mod behind

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  New update!

 The Red Storm 1.0.1


 • More than 100 new events in 1936

 • Full content for USA

 • Complete content for the USSR

 • UK Content

 • Finished TNO scenarios

 • Added leaders for the Reichskommisariats in Russia and some in Europe

 • Many new Reichskommisariats

 • Civilizations from the editor have been added to the game (can now be used in the editor in the Android version)

 • Rework ideologies

 • Many new civilizations

 • Leaders for the Russian states in the TNO scenario added

 • Rebellions in the Reichskommisariats in Russia in case of German Victory

 • New scenarios: Vivé la France and The Red Storm

 • New images for events

 • Monarchical victory in the Spanish civil war added (Spanish Empire)

 • Big nerf to Germany and Japan

 • Strengthening of the USSR and China

 • Changed the effects of terrain types

 • Allied victory in WW2 was added (yes, there wasn't yet XD)

 • The scenarios of 1939, 1941, 1942, 1836, 1792 and 1700 have been improved.

 • New leaders

 • Increased profits in 1936

 • New music 

• The events for the USA and the USSR will have an image and description

 • Change in the flags of the Chinese states of 1936

 • Now USA, UK and France will not lose millions of gold

 • Now the USSR will not lose gold during the Barbarossa operation

• New Font

• easter-egg

 • Minor changes

 • Bugs fixed


 (Psdt: if there is little text it is because I summarized it, for example this bug fix is in "fixed bugs": the Ukrainian core in Zlatoust was fixed)

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It's great!

I really love how forts actually feel like they have a serious impact on the outcome of an entire front.

I once held out against France on the Alsace border in WW1 though I was outnumbered,that 40% defense buff saved me and kept me covers for 3 years.

Good mod.

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My vasals are waging war at random, even though their ai aggression is 0 and vasal vs vasal, or when I call my alliance when I attack a country, my alliance declares war on me.

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Posted (edited)

how to install guys:< i cant find setup.exe file in this zip file pls help me, BTW i mean on pc


Edited by B3QS0NA

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      Hello there! A few days ago i decided to make a map for this game that is bigger than vanilla but also looks like vanilla. So here i am with my plans right now. I'm open to suggestions!
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      Featuring new civilizations :
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      Sennar (By TheWarMonger)
      Jaipur State
      Bikaner State
      Bundi State
      First (French) Republic
      Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt
      Landgrave of Hesse Kassel (v3 only)
      Duchy of Saxe-Weimar (v3 only)
      Duchy of Saxe-Saafeld (v3 only)
      Duchy of Westphalia
      Subalpine Republic
      Helvetic Republic
      Ligurian Republic
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      Viceroyalty of New Granada (v3 only)
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      Kingdom of Holland (event only)
      Empire of Haïti (event only)
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      Update 3 New civilizations (No event only)
       Duchy of Saxe-Saafeld ; Duchy of Saxe-Weimar ; Landgrave of Hesse Kassel
      Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata ; Viceroyalty of New Granada ; viceroyalty of Brazil
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      Just a small scenario I made, it has no events. {Apologies for the split files, I don't know how to make them all appear as one ):}
      The source I had for this scenario was mainly Emperor Tigerstar and a few other anonymous sources.


      1652234081581imwiwlpz 1652234081581imwiwlpz_A 1652234081581imwiwlpz_C 1652234081581imwiwlpz_D 1652234081581imwiwlpz_HRE 1652234081581imwiwlpz_INFO.json 1652234081581imwiwlpz_PD 1652234081581imwiwlpz_W 1652234081581imwiwlpz_E
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