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The Last Millenium: New version: 1.0.1 released (2/13/2022) (dead mod)

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6 hours ago, Whathe1727 said:

How to make  island province and river? 

To add rivers you must edit the map of Aoc2_L or Aoc2_R (L = left, R= right) with a photo editor like Photoshop or others (the images you need to edit are in maps-> backgrounds and there you choose which part of the map to edit)

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21 hours ago, Whathe1727 said:

Last question: how to create or edit background for map editor? 

Using a photo editor like Photoshop or Pixlr, which is what I use because nothing has to be downloaded, search for it in Google and it appears first or downloading a map from the internet. 

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