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Chairman Baad


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7 minutes ago, Chairman Baad said:

Presenting a Great New MOOOOOD!!!

It will feature historical, non-historical, pop culture, and more!

Here are the featur-oh wait, I've been told the mod is dead. Nevermind.


You silly bastard-

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7 minutes ago, Perkaza R. Dani said:

You silly bastard-


But in all honesty, Age of History 2 is just too buggy for me to make a good mod out of. Events are broken, maps are broken, gameplay is broken... That shit demotivates me from trying to mod the game at all. I can't make a mod if the game refuses to co-operate and keeps bugging out my scenarios and stuff. Lukasz should have done a beta program and delayed the game to do more polishing if you ask me.

Now Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on the other hand...

Edited by Chairman Baad

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