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Thousand Week Reich: 🎉¡New Update Released!🎊 1.0.0b

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                        Hi everyone!

This mod as the name says is an adaptation of the HOI4 "Thousand Week Reich" mod to Aoh2 and will have content like German civil war (can be avoided) collapse of German Eastern Europe, Russian unification, etc. This mod will have updates at least every 3-5 months



• Many events

• Edited provinces

• New Countries

• New UI

• TWR scenario

• New leaders

• Change of leaders mechanic(thx to @Aryan )

Thousand Week Reich 1.0.0 "Bewaffnetes Europa"


Main Changes:


• Event Trees for RK Ostland and Moskowien

• GCW Rework•

Ost Europa Collapse Rework 

Minor Changes:

• Leaders for all nations in 1952

• Leaders for Krasnoyarsk warlords

• Some extra events for Germany

• Novosibirsk skeleton content

• Algerian War

• Kazakh-Turk War

• Vietnamese War

• Moroccan Conflict 

• Malayan Civil War

• Siberian Unification (not for the warlords of Krasnoyarsk)

• West Russian Unification 

• Bug Fixes

• And much more!


Android Icon by Blondie


Thousand Week Reich 1.0.0a



• Added Indian Wars

• Fixed Algerian Civil War

• Added German invasion of Algeria

• Added Slovakian Event Tree with 3 sub-paths

• Fixed some event dates

• Added Yeniseysk elections

• Added Russian Republic elections

• Some texts fixed

• News events

• Changed some flags

• Changed some leaders and portraits

• Added civs

• Now "You're my Moscow" will be played when starting the game (Android)

• New songs added

• Slight nerf to economy 

• Slight increase to population 

• Minor bug Fixes

Note 1: I know there are still things to add, another patch will be out (hopefully) soon.

Note 2: Working time if anyone thinks that I have been working on the mod since November: since 7 January



Thousand Week Reich 1.0.0b Released "Uncomfortable"


IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to uninstall the current version and install the new one.


Major additions:

[] Reworked Event Trees:

- Greater German Reich

- Reichskommissariat Ostland

- Reichskommissariat Moskowien

[]Added Event Trees:

- Reichskommissariat Ukraine

- Reichskommissariat Kaukasus

- SS Gotenland

- Russian People's Liberation Army

[] Skeleton Content:

- Generalgouvernment

- Socialist Germany

- Goebbels (WIP)

- Himmler (WIP)

Minor Additions:

• Added many RKs

• Germany can avoid Civil War

• Re-reworked Ost Europa Collapse

• Some songs added

• Mexican Elections

• Improved Hungarian-Romanian War

• Nerfed some leaders

• Added Taft's successors 

• New Leaders

• Added many civs (I think it will not appear on Editor Mode on Android)

• Minor additions

Bug Fixes:

• RK Algeria Liberal

• GCW (I hope it works on all devices)

• Ost Europa Collapse

• Some Leaders localisation

• Minor bugs patches


Download Links:







Join Discord for Leaks, Achievements and more!



Developed by TWR Development Team

Screenshot_20230122-123214.png.20e9d978651ee1f9daa193726f7326dd.pngScreenshot_20230122-123154.png.a13a4bb57718d3beebb749632fddc6d0.pngMiConv.com__load_10.thumb.png.96ffb7d20d280ff6687278410257d95d.png     418331390_73sinttulo_20220619085745.png.976342fe95c924f2a22db31ff95322e6.png




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