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Ukrainian Alternative (UA) version beta 0.6.3

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The war in Ukrainian lands is open to you!

There are three scenarios:

1. Servant of the People (2019)

2. Political Crisis (2014)

3. War Of The Regions (2013)

4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (2011)

5. Chernobyl Disaster (1986) -  Now you can play for the Ukrainian SSR. Do not let the radiation spread!

6. Liberation of Ukraine (1943)

7. Prewar Time (1938)

8. Inter-Party War

9. World

All scenarios will change over time!


510 regions

New ideologies:

1. Europeanism

2. Americanism

3. Scandinavism


The map works in three languages:

1. English

2. Russian

3. Ukrainian

4. Polish


Have a nice game!









Download 1 https://googl.plus/4MT1 (Ukrainian Alternative (UA) version beta 0.6.3)

Download 2 https://yadi.sk/d/OpkKoh9m7x2_YQ (Ukrainian Alternative (UA) version beta 0.6.3)

Download 3 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lmDEQ_q8uzRgHgsIlmol16EgtsN0O71H (Ukrainian Alternative (UA) version beta 0.6.3)

Edited by Floxum

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Увага! Якщо знайдете недопрацьовані місця на карті, то повідомте мені.

Пізніше буде виправлено.

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ENG - Now you can form the Western Ukrainian People's Republic (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Transcarpathia) and Zaporizhzhya Sich (Zaporozhye). Also added some major cities to the map. Ukraine can be formed for Kiev, Zhytomyr, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Vinnitsa, Poltava and Kirovograd. Novorossia can be formed for Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk.

UA - Тепер можна сформувати Західноукраїнську Народну Республіку (Львів, Івано-Франківськ, Тернопіль, Закарпаття) і Запорізьку Січ (Запоріжжя). Також додані деякі великі міста на карту. Україну можна сформувати за Київ, Житомир, Черкаси, Чернігів, Вінницю, Полтаву і Кіровоград. Новоросію можна сформувати за Донецьк, Луганськ, Харків, Запоріжжя, Херсон, Миколаїв, Одесу та Дніпропетровськ.

RU - Теперь можно сформировать Западно-Украинскую Народную Республику (Львов, Ивано-Франковск, Тернополь, Закарпатье) и Запорожскую Сечь (Запорожье). Так же добавлены некоторые крупные города на карту. Украину можно сформировать за Киев, Житомир, Черкассы, Чернигов, Винницу, Полтаву и Кировоград. Новороссию можно сформировать за Донецк, Луганск, Харьков, Запорожье, Херсон, Николаев, Одессу и Днепропетровск.




Download https://googl.plus/4MT1 (Ukrmap (Ukrainian map) version beta 0.5.2)









Edited by Floxum

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Just now, Floxum said:

А что у вас происходит, когда вы переходите по ссылке?

Если сайт не загружается, то могу сделать для вас отдельную ссылку, чтобы вы могли скачать

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ENG - Added the ability of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic to form the Ukrainian People's Republic. And from Ukraine to form the Ukrainian Empire or the same Ukrainian People's Republic. Added to the map the major cities of Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovograd regions. Added a special font for the game (If you prefer, you can not install it).

UA - Додана можливість з Західноукраїнської Народної Республіки сформувати Українську Народну Республіку. А з України сформувати Українську Імперію або ту ж саму Українську Народну Республіку. Додані на карту великі міста Дніпропетровської та Кіровоградської областей. У моді тепер з'явився спеціальний шрифт для гри (При бажанні можна не встановлювати його).

RU - Добавлена возможность из Западно-Украинской Народной Республики сформировать Украинскую Народную Республику. А из Украины сформировать Украинскую Империю или ту же самую Украинскую Народную Республику. Добавлены на карту крупные города Днепропетровской и Кировоградской областей. В моде теперь появился специальный шрифт для игры (При желании можно не устанавливать его).




Download https://googl.plus/4MT1 (Ukrmap (Ukrainian map) version beta 0.5.3)

Edited by Floxum

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16 hours ago, FanFare211 said:

Well this makes me sad. I learned how to put mods onto my phone for aoc2 but yours just doesn't want to work. Now it could be that it simply won't work with phones.

Sadly 🙁

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2 minutes ago, FanFare211 said:

Sadly indeed because I was really pumped to play a mod that so much work was put into, but alas it is not be.

Dun put the music, then it's playable

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3 hours ago, Istria said:

Dun put the music, then it's playable

That isn't the problem. The problem is that Rar the app I use to edit file won't let me put the mod files where they should go. 

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ENG - New game scenario - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (The scenario has so far only 7 groups and will be further developed)

Added all cities to the map of Ukraine and fixed errors in the names and locations.

UA - Новий ігровий сценарій - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Сценарій має поки що тільки 7 угруповань і буде ще допрацьовуватися)
Додані всі міста на карту України і виправлені помилки в назвах і розташуванні

RU - Новый игровой сценарий - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Сценарий имеет пока что только 7 группировок и будет ещё дорабатываться)
Добавлены все города на карту Украины и исправлены ошибки в названиях и расположении




Download https://googl.plus/4MT1 (Ukrmap (Ukrainian map) version beta 0.5.5)

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    • By siyomono0
      (Read this before you start questioning things)
      I have not seen any thing to do with colonization and just the start date 1440, so I decided to do that a bit like eu4, Best played in 100 A.I aggressiveness
      What this mod provides:
      Only England, France, Portugal and Castile colonize. (A.I will colonize faster than you so you have to compete or war) Events. (more for the future) Major powers do not die immediately. (depends on player action) Creation of dutchy of Prussia, polish - Lithuanian commonwealth, Spain, Tsardom of Russia and Austria-Hungary (soon japan) by events Ming is weakened a lot. (+ Civil war) Western Europe cant colonize Africa until 1480, exceptions are Nigeria and Angola. (that's why there is wastelands on the coasts) More realistic populations Tribes cant take all of America with armies If you defeat a western power you can free it's colonizes, such as thirteen colonizes, south Africa and more  It will stay kind of historical depending on what you do / choose or what the A.I chooses Cons of the mod:
      Still a lot of cancer. Not done yet. (Lacks Content) If your a tribe then don't border anyone until your a monarchy otherwise you are at war with western Europe. (I'm to dumb to fix)  Western Europe is 50+ technology points above the rest of the world, except Brandenburg and Muscovy Not even close to historical events such as when Columbus discovered America Less tribes ( I need to do this because if I don't then it will be less realistic) Warnings: Don't turn on wasteland provinces colonization
      How to set it up:
      1) Place both civilizations (the two folders on top) in 'civilisations_editor'
      2) Replace the original 1440 scenario with this Mod
      Current new Update Contains:
      - Some mistakes and bugs Fixed
      - Added random events such as Falkland's colonization and India too
      - Events such as China's civil war and ottoman invasion are improved and have extra events (for example you can become Greece)
      - Americas and colonizable lands now can form their independent nation (e.g. peace treaty can free countries like America or Australia) + (no events for independence wars)
      - Might have done extra things as well I just don't remember what I added
      -Better Prussia events / maybe France and ottoman events, I think I added china escaping into Taiwan if you lose the civil war or something
      I posted the forth update because I was bored (I won't be posting often, this is because I have a life outside of editing pixels)
    • By Prostik1
      Age of Gang - a mod created in honor of the GTA San Andreas game
      This mod has the following features:
      - Fictional ideologies of states
      - ≈1000 provinces on the map (this is only approximately, the mod is in the alpha test and it is not known how many provinces there will actually be).
      - New States(gangs)
      - New Fonts
      - Events on the history of GTA SA
      - Support for Russian and English languages
      - New formable states(gangs)
      - Other things

      Los Santos - 100%
      San Fierro - 100%
      Las Venturas - 100%
      Red County - 100%
      Bone County - 100%
      Flint County - 100%
      Whetstone - 100%
      Tierra Robada - 100%

    • By Aryan79
      Note: none of this mods belong to me, I take all of them from VK Chanel : 
      AOC | New Time | AOH
      (you can visit this Channel by this address :https://vk.com/club204935391) 
      Note 2 : all of these mods are only on android. 
      Note 3 : sieg edition and sieg redux + only support Russian language, but addon+ 1.4.1 supports both English and Russian languages.
      Note 4 : These mods only added codes of bloody europe 2 to already existed mods of addon+, sieg edition, sieg redux, these new mods do not have any new province.
      Note 5 : combined version of sieg redux is the called sieg redux + (it is also called addon 3.0 by Russian community) 
      Note 6 : sieg redux + is only in Russian language but thanks to domb (a member of Website) we have the English language version of sieg redux +, but there Wil be no city names. 
      Bloody europe 2 changed the codes of the game and make the game so much better, when 1.1.3 version of the mod released, a channel in VK decided to combine the codes of bloody europe 2 with some other mods, these mods include : addon+ 1.4.1, sieg edition, sieg redux (there were also some other mods which deleted by channel, these are the only survived).
      the new mechanics are : capitulation system, you can invest much more money on economy and development level (and some times you can invest all of your money on economy and development level) , when you playing on sandbox mod (or God mod) you get 99,999,999 money and 999.9 movement points, and other bloody europe 2 stuff. 

      I hope you enjoy the game.
      Original Combined version of bloody europe 2 with sieg edition taken from VK Chanel (Russian language): 
      Original sieg edition mod (non combine, without bloody europe 2 codes) :
      Original sieg redux mod (without codes) :
      Original Combined version of bloody europe 2 with sieg redux taken from VK CHANEL (Russian language) :
      Some changes for Sieg redux by Trian RA:
      -Russian languange only
      -english keyboard with original console commands
      -game days per turn changed to 7 days
      Combined version of bloody europe 2 with sieg redux+ English language (translated by domb) :
      Original Combined version of bloody europe 2 with addon+ 1.4.1 taken from VK Chanel :
      All the new combined mods by Trian RA (with English keyboard and cheat commands) :
      --------------BIG UPDATE----------------
      1. Addon+ | Addon+ 1.4.1 | ivr7
      2. AoI+ REPACK 1.1 | Age of Imperialism | Italian P&C
          AoI+ REPACK 1.1 DARK MAP | Age of Imperialism Dark Map | Italian P&C
      (note from Trian RA: I changed imperalism to AoI+ REPACK 1.1   
      AoI+ REPACK 1.1 is my repacked version (my android convertion version) of Age of Imperialism 1.1) 

      3. Conquerors+ | Conquerors | AoCModdingTR
      4. FoW R.E+ | Fate of World Remastered Edition | AocModdingTR
      5. Gathering Storm+ | The Gathering Storm 2.0 AoCModdingTR | BaronAoC
      6. Great War+ | The Great War | The Best
      7. HoA RE+ | Hearts of AoH Remastered Edition | Simon Wilford
      8. King of Dynasties+ | King of Dynasties | Krauser3ful
      9. Medieval+ | Medieval Age Scenarios | Ple2
      10. Sieg Redux+
      11. TNO+ | The New Order | Aren / Aryan
      Mega: https://mega.nz/folder/25wXHC4S#pWTSGrFaFD29oCKv3KP55Q
      1.51 GB folder on MEGA

      BotA+ (Bliss of the Ancient):
      -Add TSGW+ 1.1
      -(Android) 11:59 0.92b (original _ non - combined) 
      -(Combined) 11:59+ 0.92b

      -(Android) AoCC_1.0 (original _ non - combined) 
      AoCC+ (Age of Chinese Civilizations)

      -Addon+ 1.4.1 combined repacked with pc base data

      Equestria at War+ 1.2

      AoH Ultra+ 0.5

      remove rebels
      Age of Imperialism Dark Map | Italian P&C:
      rome invicta+ mod | GheovgosGJ:
      Asia+ by Giorgio | more languages and --- version by Domb:
      Original Kaiserreich mod taken from VK Chanel (non combine, without bloody europe 2 codes):
      Join our discord: (combined project: https://discord.gg/SZJXxxYuTn) 
      Game days per turn changed to 7 days to make it more playable
      cheat commands for combined mods by Trian RA:
      setarmy (value) / setarmy 111111
      army = +11111 Army
      money = +11111 money
      population = +11111 population
      economy = +11111 economy
      technology (value) / technology 690 = now you can cheat technology to 690 (6.9) not just 100 (1.0) but if you cheat technology to 690 diplomacy points will bug 

      You can install them without delete the original mods
      An important note from Trian RA : 
      note: since I am not asking permission before starting this project, i will deleted some mods if  original modders not pleased with this project.
      I have to thanks the Trian RA for his great work in making new combined versions of aoh2 mods and adding English keyboard and editing cheat commands , and Domb for adding several languages into sieg redux+. 

    • By Fireboy
      Hi I'm Fireboy and here is what Imperial civilizations will have THERE WILL BE MUCH MORE.
      15 ideologies
      20 scenarios 5 with events
      A super special modern world with events
      A few formable Nations
      Many new cites and nations
      New maps (maybe)
      New Music
      pls contact me if you have questions
       i will be happy for suggestions
      Also I need help
      Discord: https://discord.gg/KfzX8r4q4a
      This is my first mod and I hope u enjoy
      progress 5%
    • By urdekreiz
      @urdekreiz & @Resul Pasha presents...

      1- Less and Useful Provinces.

      2- Switchable Background Option (PC only).

      3- Detailed Scenarios.

      4- New Government Types.

      5- New UI Design.

      6- New Civilizations.

      7- New Formable Civilizations

      8- New Civilization Flags

      9- New Color Palettes

      10- New Soundtracks

      11- Arrangements in Game Codes [Maybe]
      . . .
      I'm about to take an exam that will affect my life, see you 😞


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