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Age of History 3

2030 - The Fall

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The year is 2023, the protests in France turned bloody and the whole country collapsed into a civil war. The EU failed to do their job and could only establish a functional French state in Burgundy.
hile that was happening, the Polish election of 2023 saw Donald Tusk and Jarosław Kaczyński fight for power. These two candidates had almost the same popularity amongst the Poles, though PO was able to barely win. However, PIS supporters started accusing the opposition of faking the election, and the whole country was corrupted by misinformation and hatred. With EU forces arriving in Poland to help Tusk's government, the country fell into a bloody civil war, that saw even more people fighting for power. Though in 2024, it has slowed down and now soldiers are at the borders entrenched without orders to attack.
The 2 major powers collapsing send shockwaves accros Europe, making the incompetent Russian government fall. With the biggest country on Earth falling, it was over for Europe. Protests and riots were everywhere. The EU had been transformed into the "European federation", however it wasn't as big as the economic union. Now Europe is horribly divided by politicians wanting power for themselves. What will you do on this falling continent?

Sorry about the little lore, ik it's not realistic & stuff

The scenario has some custom governments and icons for them, so if you could please replace the UI folder with what I gave (it literally only changes icons).
I also recommend you don't use this on your normal version of aoc2 with this, unless you have a backup. Yk custom governments and ALOT of custom civs have their downsides

Important note: this scenario is for the EUROPE map, so make sure to put it in the right folder!
Thanks for playing!

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w91UZg82TuGt9t0X3kQ3EpxgM3oRYVzs/view?usp=sharing

Ps. I'm planning on adding events and formable civs for this scenario.


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