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List of significant flaws in the WWII scenario

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14 hours ago, bun_dha4 said:

bukovina and upper silesia have truly been fixed compared to aoh2 in this scenario but...

we sacrifice istria (which still looked innacurate but it's now more), southern dobruja, some part on pomerania that's not illustrated here.
there are wrong borders (arabia-iraq, arabia-jordan, the southern british cameroons, etc) that can't be illustrated with the actual provinces in the game.

and liberia and the portuguese guinea are missing.

and last but not least important:
south africa could use 2 enclaves and a walvis bay
image.png.07938333e7f59def95b68c98da767451.png ----------------------------> image.png.3d610f0d8f416522cd10656a60d39581.png


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On 6/1/2024 at 5:39 PM, Mirolit said:

In the new video about the WWII scenario, I noticed quite a large number of flaws with borders/ countries:

1) Italian Kingdom. Inaccurate border with Yugoslavia: Ljubljana and present-day western Slovenia were captured by Italy only in 1941 during the partition of Yugoslavia. Thus, Italy has extra provinces north of Istria here. Italy should also have Zadar and a number of islands in the Adriatic south of Istria (including Cres). In addition, it's unclear from the video whether the Dodecanese Islands belong to Italy.

2) Estonia. In 1920-1944, Estonia (later the Estonian SSR) included Ivangorod (Yanilinn in Estonian spelling) and Pechora (Petseri in Estonian spelling, I forgot to circle it on the screenshot).

3) China. There're several mistakes here. I'll start from the upper left corner counterclockwise: there should be Tunganistan (autonomy in southern Xinjiang). The border of Tibet should be much further east, Tibet was adjacent to the Yunnan clique. In addition, independent Tibetan tribes (with whom the Ma clique was at war) were further north. The Sichuan clique should be located to the east of Tibet. The Yunnan clique controlled a large strip to the northeast, with the city of Zhaotong. Besides the New Guangxi clique, there was the Guangdong clique. The Shanghai settlement should be presented as a separate civilization with a guarantee of independence from the Great Powers. In addition, after the First Battle of Shanghai (1932), the rest of Shanghai, Suzhou and Kunshan became a demilitarized zone, so it's also worth making this territory a separate vassal civilization. The territory east of Beijing, which belongs to Japan here, should be a separate Autonomy of Eastern Hubei. In 1936, there were two different Ma cliques (Qinghaian Ma clique and Ningxian Ma clique), which were ruled by different branches of the Ma family. Finally, it's worth renaming "blue" China to the Republic of China, and "red" China to the Chinese Soviet Republic. In fact, there may be even more corrections, but I think that adding Tibetan monastic kingdoms, small cliques, all colonial settlements in China and the Kingdom of Mustang in Nepal would be too much. So the above edits, I think, are sufficient for this part of map.

4) Other flaws. Newfoundland should be a separate dominion (it had an identical status with Canada in 1936). Something strange happened to Spanish Morocco (France controls part of it), there should also be an International Tangier zone in this scenario. Egypt has been de jure independent since 1922, and in 1936 this was confirmed by another treaty (Anglo-Egyptian Sudan remained a colony until the 1950s). Britain should control the southwestern part of modern Cameroon (the so-called British Mandate of Cameroon). Senussi should be in Cyrenaica.

If maps with borders or list of leaders needed to fix these flaws, I can help with that.






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On 6/1/2024 at 7:41 AM, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said:


incorrect yemen borders aswell


princly states in india (atleast add biggest ones lukas) also how china could look in aoh3 as shown in aoh2 expanded/better china /more realsitic china and india

which mod is this?

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38 minutes ago, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said:

normal game ww2 scenrio is invalid has wrong border for yemen

i'm talking about china map

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, hitsmods said:

i'm talking about china map

White victory, a mod about an alternative world in which "Whites" won in the Russian civil war. Its creators're working on translating their mod into English, but it's unknown when it will be ready.

Edited by Mirolit

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