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Age of Civilizations

Second Cold War

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This scenario is purely my imagination and it's probably very no realistic so please don't take it too seriously.

Events will be added later hopefully.

(Also, creator of this game, can you make custom ideology and ability to change other country's ideology in peace deals? Ability to stage an ideological civil war on other country would be also great.)

So what happened is that China invented a better version of communism and spread it throughout Asia. However, the west is strongly against it and made NATO a global alliance. China seeks the incoming threat and started to spread the new ideology throughout the world with diplomacy and revolutions. Many of them did succeed but India, Mexico, and Egypt revolutions ended in a stalemate.

After Putin died, people made a demand for a new government that would restore the old Russian Empire. The new government was fascist. It spreaded Fascism across Arabian Penisula and Africa.

The part of Balkans that was neither affected by communism and fascism finally decided that they should put their difference behind and unite under a single alliance fighting the Communist and Fascists.

The world was never so divided before. Will the new communism overcome their enemies and become the one left, or will the Russian finally prevail after centuries of defeat? Or maybe the west maintenance their dominance, defeating their final enemy and thus get world domination?

SecondColdWar Files.rar

second cold war.PNG

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