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Army has morale as hp bar. When it reach 0 the army retreat. The chances of army recreating depends on general skill and technology difference. 


Each army need a general. Army that doesn't have general has -50% morale. 

When a general die in a battle it decrease  army morale by 50% and have 10% chances to retreat. 

General skills 

1 general to 5 general

Each increase morale by 2%

Retreat chances :

- 60%

- 70%

- 80%

- 90%


No general - 10%



Province occupation :

No fortress - 1 turn

Lv 1 fortress - 2 turn

Lv 2 fortress - 3 turn

Lv 3 fortress - 4 turn



Each fortress have garrison. Each level add 1000 garrison army. A fortress province need at least equivalent amount of army to occupied. An army will never occupy a fortress province if it has less army than the garrison. 



Each point of military weapon technology increase 10% attack. (because there is no way a tribe with spear need same amount of army that equipped with gun and have an even casualties in a battle) 


I'll think about unit type that range from early civilization to modern era later. 

I don't know how to mod to add all these stuff, probably need some programming (which is I don't know a thing). I just give an idea that will improve the game. 


Unrelated stuff:

Stellaris ancient relic is out. 

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7 hours ago, ieunal61 said:

I hope this update will be but it is seems impossible.Because game is dying...and died:(

Can be prevented if Lukasz hire few developer/programmer. At least he not working on bug and update alone. 

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On 6/30/2019 at 9:01 PM, TANTAN said:

Why don't you try to send an email to Lucasz?


Lukas not reply. becuase he dont need to make more. you can see have a more mob aoc2.

for me, i have spent time to translate as a khmer language (complete) and i has request help from him, but he dont care reply mail or chat.

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