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Age of History 3

Ideas and more

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Hello together,

i love this game, but i have got some ideas to make it a little bit more deep Game.

1. Supporting rebels:
It must be possible if we no have any rebeles, that we can build a new faction. (Maybe from Ideologies or Cores)


2. Government-typ from vassals,

If i create an Country as vassal it must be possible to chance it like i would like to do. Or if i can Chance in after creating a vassal.
(If i choose or Create one i ony have democracy)


3. Investing in a province:

We need to put more Mony inside. 20% is to less if i have enought Money. Maybe we can change it to max 100%. Becorse we have realy often to click in the game 😄


4. Vassal-Province Investing:

If i want to support my Vassals it will be a good idea if i can investing in thair Provinces.


5. economic aid:

Maybe we can create a button were i can support ecomomic's from another contry. I send money and the economy growing a few percent.


6. Aliances with more than one.

If i can ingame create an aliance between my Vassals or other countrys it would be a good idea. Like That: Create an offer for an alliance between X Country's. If a few Country's says no to this, only the other countrys starting beein in an alliance. 


7. Cheats with Value:

For testing what is possible the game i used cheats. (Sometimes there a realy funny things to do with) 
Maybe we can do it witch Values: Instat "Money" we can use "Money 5000" so we get 5000. Same with the other economy and so on.


8. Building-Mode with more Provinces.

Maybe it is posible to make a environment where we can build buildings in more than one province at the same time.


10. Domestic Policy:

As a new Windows With activatable buttons like that:

-> Military: pacifists  or balanced or Military Sate

-> Laws: More to chose: Legal and illegal laws with specific advantages

-> Economy: Communism, Sozial, Kapitalism,

I have some ideas, but i think that is something for the developer.


I hope you can understand, my english isn't the best becorse I'm not from England or USA 😄


Best regards

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