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On 6/16/2021 at 5:44 PM, Qanos said:

When and where can we install it? Thank you 

You can download latest version of this mod in a 1st page, update is still in development, I don't know when it will be ready

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@Suzema happy to hear the news about the new release!
May I ask you to include my small update with better sounds from this post ?


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Perhaps for the Kap Po' Tun you could create a formable nation called the Dragon Empire of Ka Po' Tun? After they defeating alot of their enemies mainly the Tseachi and conquer most of them then they can form this nation in which they invade Tamriel. 

Another nation is mainly for the Empire of Nirn. Perhaps the Empire of Nirn tag may not only be attributed to the Empire but also to major nations like the Aldemri Dominion, Tseachi, Ka Po' Tun and ect. It can act as a final form for all formable nations for the major nations of Nirn.


Another one could be possibly the Kingdom or Empire of Atmora in which Atmora unites or something like that.


And finally Yokuda could unite and form the Yokudan Empire and such by uniting Yokuda and if you want adding parts of Hammerfell to Yokuda.


These are all just ideas for you to have, maybe you already have those nations and I don't know eitherway I can't wait until this gets onto mobile.

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29 minutes ago, Stephan2005 said:

Uh, it doesn't launch for me? What should i do? I click on launch icon but nothing happens

If you installing mod for PC, you need to extract archive into clean (without other mods) original game folder with replacing everything.

New version will have more easy installation

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