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Age of History 3

Small Earth Project (Updated Again!)

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After alot of forgetting, I have finally finished a version of the Small Earth Project I said I would finish long ago. Also I originally said I wasn't gonna do regional scenarios, but I changed my mine and did all except Football War. (Both of the nations from that scenario are in the same territory on the small map.) Plus, some of the Regional scenarios look too silly to not release. (Specifically Sengoku and Ancient Greece have very few territories.)

Update includes:
Red Dawn
The New Order
Imperium (Lildawg's AH)
The First Crusade
Chaos Scenario

The Next Scenario will be including a bunch of formable civilizations.

Down below is the scenario list and the maps of each scenario.



American Civil War


Byzantine-Sasanian War


The Great Emu War


Napoleonic Wars


Second Boer War


Three Kingdoms


Warring States Period




United States




Ancient Greece


World War 1


World War 2




Red Dawn


First Crusade




The New Order





Instructions for adding the project to your game:
-Extract the file
-Go to your Steam App.
-Go to Age of History 2.
-Browse Local Files.
-Go to Maps.
-Replace the "Earth_AOC1" folder.
The Game only uses civilizations already in the game, so you shouldn't have any missing civilizations.
Small Earth Project.zip

Edited by LildawgGaming
Update. :3

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**Sudden movement in a nearby bush.**
**You look through your binoculars.**
**You see the signs of an upcoming update to Small Earth Project.**
**It looks to be an update for a WW1 and WW2 Scenario.**

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So yeah, I am going to update Small Earth Project.
I am working on three scenarios, 2 historical, 1 alternate.
The three scenarios are finished, just making some last minute adjustments.
I would expect the update to drop either tomorrow or later today.
Also, have a small tease at one of the scenarios. :3


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Update is out!
The update includes 3 new Scenarios:
-World War 1
-World War 2


I took some creative liberties with the Kaiserreich Scenario.
1. I only included nations already in the game, to make it easier for people to throw the scenarios in and play. So some nations have different names or are completely inaccurate.
2. I know the American Civil War doesn't start until later in Kaiserreich, but I decided to have it from the beginning to avoid including events that will break too easily when the files transfer.

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On 4/2/2022 at 8:59 AM, Aoh2 maingame is dead said:

ik this is small world but the provnces look waaaaaay to samll to be historical mind making them a bit larger like 2000 provinces?

The whole point of the project is to create historical projects and stuff using the Small Earth Map already in the game.

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