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SPANISH: Hola, en este post quería preguntar si alguien conoce o sabe de alguna forma la manera de instalar correctamente escenarios (incluido mapas y demás) en Age of Civilizations II, puesto que entré a los archivos y no existen las carpetas del juego, tienes que utilizar aplicaciones externas para poder visualizar los archivos de origen del juego y no he podido nunca instalar los escenarios, he probado con aplicaciones como MT Manager y --- Editor pero siempre piden que se reinstale y hace que pierda el progreso de las demás partidas guardadas, ¿e sla única manera de instalar escenarios y otros archivos? ¿no existen otros métodos para instalarlos? La verdad es que este juego me encanta y no entiendo la dificultad que se tiene en Android para poder instalarle más cosas, si alguien sabe algo que responda por favor. Gracias.

ENGLISH: Hello, in this post I wanted to ask if anyone knows or knows in any way how to correctly install scenarios (including maps and others) in Age of Civilizations II, since I entered the files and the game folders, you have to use external applications to view the source files of the game and I have never been able to install the scenarios, I have tried applications such as MT Manager and --- Editor but they always ask to be reinstalled and it causes me to lose the progress of the other saved games, is this the only way to install scenarios and other files? Are there no other methods to install them? The truth is that I love this game and I do not understand the difficulty that Android has to install more things, if someone knows something please answer. Thank you.

FRENCH: Bonjour, dans cet article, je voulais demander si quelqu'un sait ou sait de quelque manière que ce soit comment installer correctement les scénarios (y compris les cartes et autres) dans Age of Civilizations II, puisque j'ai entré les fichiers et que les dossiers de jeu n'existent pas, vous devez utiliser des applications externes pour afficher les fichiers sources du jeu et je n'ai jamais pu installer les scénarios, j'ai essayé des applications telles que MT Manager et --- Editor mais elles demandent toujours à être réinstallées et cela me fait perdre la progression du d'autres jeux sauvegardés, la seule façon d'installer des scénarios et d'autres fichiers? N'existe-t-il pas d'autres méthodes pour les installer? La vérité est que j'adore ce jeu et je ne comprends pas la difficulté qu'Android a pour installer plus de choses, si quelqu'un sait quelque chose, veuillez répondre. Merci.

PORTUGUESE / BRAZILIAN: Olá, neste artigo gostaria de perguntar se alguém sabe ou de alguma forma sabe como instalar corretamente os cenários (incluindo mapas e similares) no Age of Civilizations II, já que entrei nos arquivos e pastas do jogo não existem você tem que uso aplicativos externos para visualizar os arquivos de origem do jogo e nunca consegui instalar os cenários que experimentei aplicativos como o MT Manager e o --- Editor, mas eles ainda pedem para serem reinstalados e isso me faz perder o progresso de outros jogos salvos, a única maneira de instalar cenários e outros arquivos? Não existem outros métodos para instalá-los? A verdade é que adoro este jogo e não percebo como é difícil o Android ter de instalar mais coisas, se alguém souber de alguma coisa responda. Obrigado.






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    • By Alemanha Ball
      Scenario.rar Civilization.rar
    • By ModCap
      Hello. We are about to complete Kaiserreich, The Legacy Of The Weltkrieg, the first script of the "The Alternate Mod Pack" project we started as the Modcap Team.
      Here are the features of this scenario:

      - New civilizations
      - New music (exclusive to the German Empire)
      - Tuned technologies
      - Adjusted populations
      - 100 events
      - Happiness adjustment
      - "Choose Your Path" feature for certain countries
      - Continuous new updates
      Here are the video of our ww2 scenerio(The graphics and a lot of thing will be updated.)
      And if you want to help us, watch our videos about our mods, or just wanna visit our discord, here are the links.
    • By cina69
      I am making one scenario about Fascist World, I will explain.

      So I been bored and I wanted to make one scenario.

      It is basically modern world scenario with all nations from 2017 but all nations have same ideology (Fascism).
      I made only this for fun.
      Scenario is not completed, I will post it here soon.
      I will change something like leaders and add some events due fun.
    • By Kingpvz
      Helo thare! I started to make a map in AoH2 called alavida. Don't forget to follow and share your thoughts in the comments!
      I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update!
      Support me on patreon please (click here)
      PROVINCES: 2252 | Plan for provinces: ~2500
      Done regions: SEA, VENISTAN, VENESTAN, SLOVAKORIA, SLOVAKIORIA, UKREVOL, MARTINOVIAN NEW KINGDOM, MARTINOVIAN GUINEA, SUCHOVIA, RETWONIA, ZELAVIAN EMPIRE, MARTINOVIA, VENOSTAN KINGDOM, SCANN', MAURITOVANIA, VENOSTAN, JOHANCA, ZUZANOVIA, DESERTS, JUROVIA, STANOVIA (Retwonia, Islandia, Fourthy Union, Lapytovan Stanovia, Venes, Northern Stanovia, Nalian Zelav Stanovia, North Keban, South Keban, Protipalia, Tkebekh, East Spikc, Central Towiiu, Eastern Zi, West Spikc, Slavic Stanovia, Kespral-Towiiu)
      Done borders: STANOVIA (General Stanovian State)
      CONNECTIONS: 0/?
      NATIONS: None
      SCENARIOS: None
      Update (16/4/21)
      Another DoH (Day of History if you did not know yet) and on 11st DoH I have to say that one or two weeks are remaining until the completing of the map (Finally); I made 231 provinces and finished Slavic Stanovian State and uhh... That's all lol; Take a look:

      Update (9/4/21)
      So, these 2 weeks I did not do much work (only 321 provinces that is 160.5 per week) but still, I have done some work lol
      This is day of history number 10 and here's what i made... ehem... West Spikc is done and Kespral-Towiiu is also done. Next I made like a half from slavic stanovia. I have to say, we are nearing finish lol (And yeah, I finished at 2021 provinces for the memes) Here it is:

      Update (3/26/21)
      Interesting how few weeks ago i felt like 250 provinces is too much and now i feel like those 265 provinces i did this week is not enough... Anyway, it's Day of History 9! This week I made 265 provinces finished a lot of parts of stanovia and had a lot of concentration about this project. Also, I rised the number of planned provinces by 500 because as I see, a lot of provinces will be still needed lol. That's it, see you in a week!

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