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So i today i continued on my scenario Modern World but from year 5000B.C.

i was on 20k turns and reached an economy over 2.1 Billion.

i kept upgrading the economy and BOOM economy is at -2.1 Billion.

i was freaked out for a sec that my progress died.

but my population was 1 Billion so i didn't have problem upgrading my economy fast.

later my economy was -2.0 Billion -1.9 -1.6 -1 -0.1 and later my economy got back to positive.

i started from 0 economy but my province economy and income were the same.

i got back to 2.1 billion and BOOM again -2.1 Billion. (this wasnt damaging my income and balance)

i was pretty mad, so i started upgrading my population.

i got to 2.1 billion pretty quick and BOOM -2.1 billion population.(this also wasnt damaging my income and balance)

Btw it didnt change anything including my rank scores witch was about 4million then.

(The economy shows 1.3 billion but was 10+ billion)

(and population was about 2.5 billion)

I only want to know how to get it back to normal!!!!!!!!!


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An old post, I know, but after some testing I figured it out (I think...). It can be 2 possibilities;

1: An (integer) overflow. Lots of games have this issue (HOI4 hilariously has this with equipment storage which will results in negative equipment if you produce too much), there are several types of number storage methods to choose from with different maximum size ranges and choosing the right one is sometimes difficult. You over exceeded the maximum allowed number and looped all the way back to the beginning which is the minus number of that range (for example a maximum range of 2000 will loop back to -2000 as the range is -2000 to 2000 and thus 2000 + 1 is -2000). It's not something you can solve as this a game creator issue that needs to increase the range or start using only positive number formats (uints) for things that can't go negative such as population or things build.


2; This game has an industry calculation problem; it breaks when the differentiation between the population and the industry is too high. If you have a population of for example 50000 people but don't have an industry (the 99 industry bug) the only way to solve the problem is to decrease the population by recruiting massive amounts of people into the army or abandoning the province (which will reset the population) which in turn will make the economy grow again past the 99 mark.

Both problems are happening here. Your economy will crash because you got too much population and it magically reappears when the population ticks over the magic number but will crash again when it returns to the peak. How to fix this.... kill your population and industry... seriously there's a cap on how many people can live in the AOC2 world and it will crash into nothingness once you exceed it.

And maybe that's the message this game sends... it isn't wholesome but it's reality; only so many people can fit and thrive in a certain space and cramming a million people on the Isle of Man is just not a thing we can, or maybe even want, to do.

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