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Orhan Eren GR

Gathering Storm : 1936 - WW1 Scenario ( First Version)

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Hello ! 
This is WW1 scenario for The Gathering Storm mod !
But this scenario have 39 event !
Events : 

 Libya War 7 event 

The First Balkan War - 8 event 

Maginot Line - 1 Event

Assassination of Franz Ferdinant - 2 Event

The Great War (World war 1) -17 Event

Arabs Revolt - 2 Event 

Russia Ciwil War - 2 Event 

Total 39 Event !


Events in this mode do not interfere with your gameplay. so there are no peace events in this mode. Peace treaties or winning the war is in your hands!

You could also conquer the country with 2000 armies in the gathering storm mode. I added the same feature to this mod :)

Can u Download and Play this Scenario On Conquerors mod too !

In this scenario there are also path-selective events. For example, to the Ottomans in the Libyan War: Italys Demand Libya! An event is coming. If you want, you can accept the demand and give Libya to Italy without a war. If you want, you can refuse the demand and enter the war for libya! Of course, AI goes the historical route and fights for Libya. that is, while AI always goes on the historical path, I added alternative ways for you players to almost all events!

And :

Game speed : %50
AI Agressive : %20


-By Orhan Eren GUROGLU-

Download link (new version) : 


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On 7/17/2021 at 3:38 PM, Xjento said:

can u add germany wins event he controls paris london and provinces around it

man its old version. The new version has these events. check here :


Edited by Orhan Eren GR

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