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Kaiserreich, but it's WAY TOO realistic

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-Peru goes to war with Ecuador in 1941, where the current borders are marked

-after the invasion of serbia, austriahungria and bulgaria define the division of serbia, the austrians occupy serbia and montenegro, and the soldiers of montenegro take refuge in albania and from there lead attacks against austria, so if austriahungria has serbia as vassal, Albania should also be vassal, and Bulgaria only wanted the territories it won after the first Balkan war.

-The borders of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk are more realistic than those of the original Kaiserreich because the Germans did not instantly annex the areas Lenin gave them, but instead sent soldiers to occupy and claim them, so the borders would be different than it was . offered in the treaty

-Italy is credible

-the Ottomans after the defeat of Italy would have claimed Libya

-It is hardly credible that the French communist peasants have managed to cross the sea and conquer Africa and that there is no resistance

-mittleafrica is simply WTF

-after the French defeat Germany would have claimed the colonies more than the European territory and with the civil war there would have been claims from the French living in the annexed areas, in addition to the fact that Indochina would have been invaded and claimed by Germany as in Brest-Litvosk

-that Australia and New Zealand are separated if realistic

-Germany to increase its influence in China would have supported the restoration of the Qing or Fengtian, Japan or Germany would have prevented the victory of the Kuomintang because France, the United Kingdom and Russia were busy in their civil wars to intervene

-kolchak would not let Russia become a republic so he would give a civil war or make his own state in Vladivostok thanks to the great influence he had on the white army


PD: i am using a translator because i am peruvian

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