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Age of History 3

What do you think of my Scenarios?

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Scenarios : Empire War (What If)

27 Civilization Year 1700

Civilization :

United Kingdom or British Empire

Kingdom of Spain

Russian Empire 

Vassal : Tabaristan

France or Kingdom of French

Vassal : Italian Republic

Ottoman Empire 

German Empire or Prussia Empire

Portugal or Portuguese Empire 

Qing Dynasty 

Japanese Empire 

United States of America 

Netherlands or Dutch Empire 

Austrian Empire 

Sweden or Swedish Empire

Belgium or Kingdom of Belgium 

Papal States 

Thailand or Kingdom of Siam 

Qajar Dynasty

Abyssinia or Kingdom of Abyssinia 

Naples or Kingdom of Naples


Lord : Russian Empire 

Italian Republic

Lord : France

Denmark or Danish Empire 

Afghanistan or Kingdom of Afghanistan 

Switzerland or Kingdom of Switzerland 

Nejd or Kingdom of Nejd


Shammar or Kingdom of Shammar



Europe :


Africa :


Asia :


Oceania :


North America :


South America :




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