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Victoria 2 GFM mod map adaptation for AoC2 (Finished)

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Hello, longtime lurker here.
So I know how this mod has mostly been about just making the map, so I wanted to add more touches to make Based's mod more accurate to Victoria GFM. This would have entailed:
1. replacing the countries made in the Civ Editor with actual countries
2. Giving all* countries alternate flags for all ideologies
3. Giving countries custom names for their ideologies
4. Enable Formable Civs for all GFM civs

However, I've kinda been susceptible to feature creep, which has slowed my progress a lot, so I want to know what people even want so I don't do unnecessary work. I will go point by point to explain what I've done or plan to do.

1) and 4). I have been prioritising 2) more, but I could theoretically prioritise 1) as an example.

2. This should seem easy, since Vic2 only has 5 flags per country (Default, Fascism, Communism, Monarchy and Republic), but I have also been adding more alternate flags from other mods like CWE (Cold War+) and NEM (Interwar+), which has slowed me a lot:
- Default
- (c) Communist
- (2) Socialist [Basically an alternate Communist flag. If a country has different flags in GFM and CWE, I put the one which looks like an SSR flag into the Communist slot]
- (f) Fascist
- (4) Nationalist [Alternate Fascist Flag]
- (m) Absolute Monarchy
- (d) Constitutional Monarchy [For more modern designs]
- (5) Realm [For when a country is colony of a monarchy. Prioritises historical colonizers]
-  (r) Republic
- (g) Theocracy [Victoria and GFM do this thing where they give Fascist Muslim countries flags which make them look like a Islamic theocracy. So this slot is for those flags while the regular Fascist flags will be more Secular Fascist]
Keep in mind one has to make two flags, one for the FlagsH folder and the Flags Folder, and one has to reformat the Vic2 flags from .tga to a .png. I am already skipping the step of resizing for FlagsH, since it doesn't seem to have an effect, but it is still pretty ardous.

3. I have been doing this simultaneously with the flags, but this task is extremely AIDS since GFM doesn't have a singular file for alternate country names, but SIX major ones alongside random names spread all over various other localisation files so I have to CTRL+F every single file until I find the correct file, IF they even have all alternate names in one place which isn't always the case. I also look around in CWE, which thankfully has most of it in two files, if GFM doesn't have an alternate name. I will probably stop doing this simultaneously.
I am now asking if anyone would prefer just having a flag patch with only the 5 flags from GFM, or if they would even want having the alternate flags from CWE and NEM.
Edit: Forgot to add Republic as a gov form

Screenshot 2023-03-22 155857.png

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Forgot to add something in a list

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