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How to convert mods from pc to mobile

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Here is a quick guide on how to convert your pc mod to mobile and fixing some bugs which could be caused by porting

1. download this file trough google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/18PrQXoP4G2LwLZ4dR2Ci8hWhkWVHZQVd/view?usp=drive_link
it's a base for modding on mobile and porting from pc to mobile

2. download https://mt-manager.en.softonic.com/android 
This is for editing files on your phone

3. download the files of the pc mod on your phone, this can be done easily if the file is uploaded on drive/mediafire

4. On google drive, click on your aoh2 --- from step one and click on "open with" or "share with" and select mt manager

5.after you opened mt manager you should see 2 windows, on the second window find the downloads folder and there should be the pc files you downloaded, extract that into to download folder

6. after all files are extracted, in the first window should be your ---, click on it and select view, this will show you the files that are inside the ---

7. go into assets and just hold the files in the second window to the first

!!!!! warning, do not select the game/map/UI folder to be completetly in one guy be replaced into your ---. as porting too many files can cause a bug. making your --- unplayable and making it so you need to do it over again, try to go as small as possible with the files but only replace folders

Comment below for other bugs/help and i will reply as fast as possible

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39 minutes ago, Kerguelen Mapping said:


yes, that's a map with the turkish-russian border which dark red was owned by russia till 1918 and then the ottomans took it in 1920 from armenia

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