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Better economical system ideas

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I think the game should have more advanced economic systems. We could have primary resources like food, iron,oil,etc... depending on the age. that would be needed for the industry and so the economical developpement :

-food that let population grownth, happiness and health stay constant. Lack of food will result in death of population, easier dieases and revolt risks. Availaible in regions that can support agriculture ( not in toundra, jungle, desert or mountains for exemple)

-rescources that will come from you're territories ( ex : steel, wood, oil,...) depending on the landscape

- manufactured goods with industrial zones you could make, thanks to primary rescources,goods that will increase population's happiness and tech development or you can sell them to others civs.

-more realistic trades, you could buy primary resources or manufactured goods or sell ones, same for food. A trade would last at least for 10 turns and will require roads : land or sea (so you could do some embargo with your army)

-migration treaties, you could gain and lost citizens and you'll earn a bit of money thanks to tourism, that'll also improve relations between the two civs. 


That's a lot but it would be awesome !

Let me know what you think

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This is definitely what we need, it’s so easy and boring to be richest country, all the AI countries don’t invest in economy straight (in provinces), they have all their population dying at pointless wars and their provinces become literally sh**holes (London has 41k population in 1440, but 500 turns later it becomes 9k pop and 200 economy points) and all you have to do is just invest over and over again. I played as Bremen and after 800 turns of doing investments I became top 10 nation while having a single starting province.

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8 hours ago, Strangefancypants said:

Idk about adding all of that mainly because i like the simplicity of the game. But i do think the system can be improved 


I know, maybe we could have a button "improved economy" or something at the beginning of a game ( like eternal war) to let people that want more realism and for those like you that want simplicity, just unclick the button.

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