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(Ported) CivEditor - for Android!

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Android Version - Release!


- HotFix! Support

- Full Features Working 100%


Vedio Review & Tutorials on Vimeo:


for Detail about this tool (Include HotFix! & Update)

Plz go to main topic



Go to main Topic & Download Python Source Version



- Pydroid3


- MT Manager (for Import file to game)



Install Module

- Read from Requirements.txt


pip install Pillow==6.1.0

pip install python-resize-image==1.1.19


Operation not permitted?

Plz move CivEditor to Pydroid3 Internal storage (app folder)


Dev Word#

- Library Tool not working with Android Version

- Plz Back-up AoC2 obb file

- This is open source you can edit it

- Happy with Android Version😄😄😄

Edited by CPUSkull

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    • By Chairman Baad
      MT Manager is the most commonly used tool for Android modders. This app allows you to extract and modify Android AРK files.
      Download MT Manager
      Android modders typically use the AРK for Age of History II version 1.01415_ELA. If you do not have an unmodified AРK for version 1.01415_ELA, message me in private and I'll send you a link to get one. I refuse to release a base game AРK into the public.
    • By CPUSkull
      Write in Python & On top of libraries
      - Import Your Flag & Auto Resize for in-game image scale
      - Easy to Customize your civ & Easy to make a lot of Civ
      - Civilization Information Editor
      - flag & flagH function for Edit and Backup
      --Video Review--

      2019-08-19 16-16-41_1.mp4  
      How to Download & Install?
      1. Python Source Version
      MegaDrive: https://mega.nz/#!eixg2KzC!liZDZaOpPvJGZ_zoiMV7SFhS69kU8dRYaT3nZcpigIo
      2. PyInstaller (Execute) Version
      MegaDrive: https://mega.nz/#!nixiECwa!Z1TLvZmCH-ueGI1Uk-Cy9mrE4eEBIQsNp44MUaEiKhU
      (***This Is Update Link)
      What is Different between version?
      Source Version
      - Python Latast Version Required (Include Module)
      - Support for Dev & Hot Fix!
      - For debug need Python skill
      PyInstaller (Execute) Version
      - Execute to exe
      - Package include CivPack
      How to Use?
      - Import your Flag to "Import" folder
      - Open CivEditor
      - Enter CivName
      - Enter flag filename + file extensions (like ".png", ".jpg")
      - Click Import
      - CivInfo is informations about your civ (like Wikipedia or Civ Status)
      - Click Create
      ***If you get error... delete file of error civ and plz step-by-step
      How to Import to game?
      - Copy your civ folder in Workspace folder to civilizations_editor in game folder
      - Add civ name to Age_of_Civilizations file
      - Open game and Edit Civ Color in game editor
      - Copy civ folder in FlagIO & FlagHIO to civilizations_editor
      ***Warning*** after import flag from FlagIO & FlagHIO to game, dont edit civ in game editor (Flag will return to blank) you can edit only name after import
      Dev Word & FAQ:
      - This tool cant edit civ color because color file is Java Serializable (Python have module to edit but need encoding skill)
      - Why flag show white frame? >> File is .png Transparent can show in white or black when show in image viewer
      - Now Library Update! & Android Version Release
    • By CPUSkull
      [OpenPublicBeta] Now! Advance Civilization Editor Tool
      Write by Python3 & On top of libraries
      Now Release!
      Plz go to
      - Import Your Flag
      - Auto Resize to 2 Size (68x44, 27x18), With fit filter from Python-Resize-Image
      - Easy to Customize your civilization
      - In Full Version more features will added & Support other modding
      Test on OnlineIDE:  https://repl.it/@CPUSkull/CivEditor
      Online Script

      Script & Run on IDLE

      Ps1. Sorry, for my language
      Ps2. I Dont Know... How to write Python? But it work! This is my first software & Dev in  4-Days
      ***For Test Only***
      - Input CivName
      - Flag Import "ovs.jpg" & Click Import will Result
      - Click Create
      - Software Result! Now you can check your civilization
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