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This club is for all monarchists (me), and people who love Germany! (no wherboos welcome) And the official group for the SPQR and Ultimate Music mods!
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  2. And now you say it’s ok to be a weeb… How times have changed…
  3. kek. About 5 versions of Preußens Gloria are coming in the next update
  4. ok so I've gotten 50 more done Tracks: 424
  5. Ok, so I'm gonna combine all of the other updates into one last one. There will be over 4,000 songs after the update is finished. Some people have said this is just a waste of space, so I added a new poll to see if I should continue doing this or not
  6. Ok so poll's back up, though it's really a formality, since I know what I'm gonna add, and in what order
  7. Sorry that I've been gone but my internet is shite and I couldn't access the forums, but I finished the Eu4-Vic update and I've now released it. 374 songs
  8. I don't have Eu3, I would add it's music if I had it, but I don't so I can't :(
  9. What about EUIII? Some of the soundtrack is really great.
  10. Sleepy music? Gib link to a file download and I'll add it
  11. Omg it would be a pain to play with Vic2 and Minecraft tracks 9.99999999/10 needs more sleepy music
  12. So I've gotten 1/2 of the Eu4/Vic update done Tracks: 260
  13. If you like making text files about "forum wars", why not make me vs. Evidential? lol
  14. RaiderKight said it would be 40 with with 1500 tracks, but with all the Hoi4 mod music mods included, it might be more, but since @Chexier said it was 1 gig now with 150, idk
  15. when its have all songs you added in a pool how much gb it would be?
  16. It ain't called Ultimate Music Mod for nothin

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