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Grove Street Families is a criminal alliance that was previously (before the events of the GTA: San Andreas game) considered the strongest in the city of Los Santos. Previously, it was called Orange Grove Families (you can learn this from Cj's replicas). It is divided into several groups:

Grove Street 4Life.
Sevill Bulevard Familie.
The identification color of the gang is green (the gangsters from this group believed that green is the color of freedom, strength and respect). Grove Street is the most "honest" gang in the city, because it honors the code of its group and opposes the spread of drugs. The gang fathers are Carl and Sweet Johnsons. In the past, the gang was one of the most powerful groups in the city, but when Karl left because of the death of his younger brother, things went badly. The blooded enemy of Grove Street is the Ballas gang (it is worth considering that the reason for their hostility is not indicated in the games of the series). She also fights with Los Santos Vagos and San Fierro Rifa gangs. Collaborates with Varrios Los Aztecas and Triads.

African American street gang Ballas - one of the most powerful gangs of Los Santos. She gained respect and a large area of drug and arms trafficking. Considering that the group owns almost half of the city, their entire territory is divided into several areas:

Rollin Heights Ballas.
Temple Drive Ballas.
Kilo Tray Ballas.
Front Yard Ballas.
Gang members wear purple clothes (jackets, windbreakers, shorts and scarves). Blood enemies of Ballas - Grove Street. They are also at war with the Triads and Varrios Los Aztecas. In alliance with Los Santos Vagos, San Fierro Rifa and the Russian Mafia. One of the fathers of the gang is a kind of Kane.

Los santos vagos
Los Santos Vagos is a Latin-speaking Mexican group of Los Santos. Have a fairly large area. Mexican gangsters also sell drugs and make them themselves. The leader of the gang is Big Popp. Los Santos Vagos collaborates with the Ballas and San Fierro Rifa gangs on state distribution of drugs. Enmity with the gang of Grove Street and Triads. Los Santos Vagos - another Mexican gang Varrios Los Aztecas. And also they dislike gangsta-rapper Madd Dogg (In the mission “Returning home”, Madd Dog’s mansion should be beaten off from the people of Big Poppa). When the Grove Street gang suffered a major defeat, Los Santos Vagos easily gained control over the territory of their sworn enemies. But when Grove Street was revived, with its help Varrios Los Aztecas regained their territory. Members of this gang wear bandanas and yellow scarves on their heads, as well as drive cars made in their home country of Mexico. The gang controls the entire territory of the East Beach.

Varrios Los Aztecas
Varrios Los Aztecas is the second Mexican gang in the city of Los Santos. This is the second honest gang after Grove Street, which also honors the gang code and opposes drugs. The leader of this group is the Mexican gangster Caesar Vialpando, nicknamed "Cesare". In the past, the gang did not have allies, but when Caesar meets his girlfriend Kendle's brother Carl Johnson and learns that Kendle belongs to his brother's gang, he makes peace between Karl. Later they become best friends, and between Grove Street and Varrios Los Aztecas is an alliance (although outside the missions, members of both gangs happily attack each other). After the adventures of Caesar and Karl in San Fierro, the Chinese group Triads is a new ally of the gang. The main business of the gang is the sale of stolen cars for lourayding, racing on sports cars (as well as on lowriders) and the arms trade. Varrios Los Aztecas members wear blue scarves on their heads. Armed with 9 mm pistols and ultrasound. Control areas of El Corona and Small Mexico. Enmity with gangs Ballas, San Fierro Rifa. The sworn enemies are Los Santos Vagos. Cooperate with gangs Grove Street and Triads.

San fierro

San fierro rifa
San Fierro Rifa is one of the factions of the city of San Fierro. Controls the area of Garcia. The members of this gang are also Mexicans. They can be confused with members of the Varrios Los Aztecas gang, as they also wear blue bandanas on their heads. The gang leader is gangster T-Bone Mendez. San Fierro Rifa are members of the Loko Syndicate (which distributes drugs throughout the state of San Andreas), since T-Bone is one of the main members of the Syndicate. The gang is partially at odds with Triads, Grove Street and Varrios Los Aztecas. And there is one remark - gang members are cowardly. If you approach them and attack them, then most often they will run away from Karl. Very rarely with ultrasound.

San fierro triads
San Fierro Triads (often simply referred to as Triads) is a Chinese gang in the city of San Fierro. The gang controls Chinatown and several other Chinese districts. The gang leaders are Wu Zi Moo (Vusi) and Ran Fa Li (and also the deputy Wusi - Sak Sa Li). The main enemies of the Triads are the Vietnamese Da Nang Boys. Gang members wear black clothes. As well as gang members have powerful weapons that are not found in other gangs - they are armed with 9 mm pistols and Kalashnikov assault rifles. In addition to the Da Nang Boys feud with San Fierro Rif. After meeting Carl Johnson and Caesar Vialpando, they began to ally with the gangs of Grove Street and Varrio Los Aztecas.

Da nang boys
Da Nang Boys is a Vietnamese gang in the city of San Fierro. The main business of the gang is the slave trade. Gang members kidnap people and sell them as slaves on the black market to drug lords and criminal bosses. In one of the missions, Karl penetrates the ship of the gang Da Nang Boys and, having interrupted the protection of the ship, rescues a group of slaves, then kills the leader of the gang Snakehead. Da Nang Boys brutally fighting the Triads gang. The distinguishing color is essentially red. Vietnamese have no allies. The gang members are armed with 9 mm pistols and ultrasound.

Las Venturas
Mafia Las Venturas is a small gang. Controls the casino Caligula in the city of Las Venturas. The head of the mafia is Salvatore Leone. CJ intersects with this gang when he helps Ken Rosenberg and his acquaintances out of the mafia, which they entered by mistake. Mafia Las Venturasa is from Liberty City (in the mission where CJ meets the head of the mafia, it is mentioned that CJ was working for Liberty City Joe for his son Salvatore Leone). Basically, the Mafia Las Venturas feuded with Forerelli's criminal family from Liberty City. In several missions, CJ must get on the plane with the mercenaries from the Forelli family, and also personally fly to Liberty City to deal with the don Mafia Forelli. And also the mafia Las Venturas trades drugs a little and does business in a casino. But after the robbery of the casino, which is committed by CJ himself and the Wu Zi Mu team, the mafia loses its business. Members of the mafia Las Venturas can only be found in the casino of Caligula itself, where they work as security guards. Or, if you lose more than cash in a casino, they will chase CJ all over San Andreas. The main weapon - ultrasound or SMG, rarely found with digs.


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Будут добавлены полицейские участки, можно будет играть за полицию, Сан-Андреас от банд. Будут добавлены банды, которые существуют сегодня в жизни.

Diseases will be removed and replaced with drug related diseases.

Болезнь влияет на доход вашей провинции . Это будет сложный игровой процесс.

Будут маленькие банды, которые хотят иметь свои собственные территории. В моде будут переименованы библиотека, ферма, мастерская, и все слова для полного погружения в игру

Edited by Simon

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Как будут выглядеть фотографии? Реалистично или как в GTA?

Как тебе парни?


images (7).jpeg

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On 1/15/2019 at 8:22 PM, Simon said:

Будут добавлены полицейские участки, можно будет играть за полицию, Сан-Андреас от банд. Будут добавлены банды, которые существуют сегодня в жизни.

Diseases will be removed and replaced with drug related diseases.

Болезнь влияет на доход вашей провинции . Это будет сложный игровой процесс.

Будут маленькие банды, которые хотят иметь свои собственные территории. В моде будут переименованы библиотека, ферма, мастерская, и все слова для полного погружения в игру

It would be nice if you would add Vice City and GTA 3 LC map 😛 (into one)

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Yes, I thought about it and think 

4 hours ago, Wersjon said:

Было бы неплохо, если бы вы добавили карту Vice City и GTA 3 LC into (в одну)


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Sorry for my silence. Will Mod in the spring I'm sure 99%. What a long time you've been doing Simon 😠. Yes it is a long   time but it is because of a number of reasons in the personal life of the mod will be released in the spring😟. Think by the time and AOC2 will not be one update (it will be in better condition than now). So wait 😁

I will be engaged in free time ☺

Edited by Simon

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      War of the Eight Continents is a total overhaul mod for Age of History II, featuring an all-new, balanced world inspired by various popular fantasy series. It is currently under complete remake, with a completely new map with 9,638 provinces, better and more complex history and scenarios, while also retaining the civilizations from before the remake and giving them a whole new lore.

      Alpha 1.3 files:
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      New features:
      3 new scenarios 3 new civilizations Improved background (OLD) Demo 1 Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N7MGP961tQ1R2g2f4CtmtsZ4_2yTRe7A/view?usp=sharing
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      Post bug reports in the comments.
      (version color markers):
      Demo 1, Demo 2 Pre-Alpha Alpha Beta Final Candidate Final  

      First Demo Map (551 provinces, 7 scenarios) (select "War of the Eight Continents (Demo 1)" map) Second Demo Map (1,091 provinces, 15 scenarios) (select "War of the Eight Continents (Demo 2)" map) The Known World/War of Six Continents/V2 World Map (9,657 provinces, 47 scenarios) - 321 super-regions, ~1,120 regions (select "The Known World" map)
      Simple V2 World Map (~1,350 provinces planned) - V2's regions as provinces Complete World Map/War of Eight Continents (~12,000!!! >14,000!!!!! provinces planned, maybe ~14,000!!!!! just to beat Project Alpha's 13,316 provinces)
      147 civilizations in the First Demo and 619 in the Second Demo, over 2,300 in Alpha 1.3! 407 formable civilizations in Alpha 1.3 5 new ideologies (Imperial Core, Imperial Province, Kaal and Socialism are already in Alpha 1.3 scenarios, rest will come in subsequent versions) FUTURE: Over a dozen new ideologies, many with unique playstyles
      Post update: more detailed
      Increased population and economy growth for higher realism More realistic populations, with province growth rates up to 200% New government types, and adjustments to existing ones More terrain types, with more powerful modifiers HRE replaced with Empire of Dacanium Capitulation system, based on that of Bloody Europe II Global events, prototype for future super-events Other minor code changes, as well as a color randomizer for game civilization editor: Ultimatum max relations changed from -10 to +25 Increased minimum army to attack from 10 to 50 Miscellaneous general changes FUTURE: Overhauled game mechanics, extended settings, super-events, restored features*, including: Major bugfixes, for things like self-warring (i.e. two countries from the same alliance at war with each other), army disappearances,  Improved modding and event tools Army mechanics changes, armies now have subdivisions (increasing in size with later eras), and inclusion of basic combat mechanics to make battles more than just throwing soldiers at each other FUTURE: Empire of Dacanium has actual gameplay effects FUTURE: Move to more RTS-style gameplay, with simulated battles (not just units throwing each other to deal damage), sieges of fortified areas, and time-based unit movement * Talking about spies and nukes, the localization for which still exist. And making an unofficial patch to fix many of the game's bugs

      ETA: Released! (first demo), Released! (second demo), Released! (Alpha 1.0-1.2), ~6 months? (Beta 1.0), unknown (Final 1.0) < all subject to change!
      First demo: the first playable demo of the new world map encompassing a few super-regions, with a few hundred provinces and a handful of scenarios. Second demo: a larger-scale demo with parts of one continent playable (around 1,000 provinces), more complex scenarios, new biomes and other improvements Alpha 0.1: the first "true" version of the new mod, with 1/3 of the provinces complete (~3,500), a few major, event-including scenarios and several smaller scenarios, beginning of mechanics overhauls Beta 1.0: completion of the new world map (all 9,424 provinces done), development of first full-feature scenarios, completion of important civilizations, implementation of mechanics overhauls, addition of super-events Final 1.0: the final version of the mod, with complete set of full-feature scenarios, civilizations and new game mechanics, development will continue from here on, adding more scenarios and civilizations over time Beyond: a walk to oblivion begins here... maybe the FULL world map will be turned into a Hearts of Iron 4 mod? Or the subject of a recoded, AoH-like RTS game?
      Remake progress articles:
      Sunset on the Old World
      January 2020 - June 2021
      Map Sectioning: How to Balance and Beautify a Map (24/05/2021) Test World: the first New Generation map* (24/05/2021) Preliminary Map Statistics (27/05/2021) The World of Six Continents: A 7,500-Province Pipedream (27/05/2021) A 13,600 Province Map - The Reality (WIP) (27/05/2021) More, Yes, MORE Biomes! (28/05/2021) Changes to War Mechanics: The Plan (29/05/2021) Heightmap of the World (31/05/2021) Climates of the World (05/06/2021) T.O.R.: The Definitive Edition (05/06/2021) - END OF OLD MOD DEVELOPMENT A New Dawn Begins
      June 2021 - August 2021
      First Demo: Province Map (11/06/2021) - BEGINNING OF NEW MOD DEVELOPMENT Rainbow of Random Civ Colors (11/06/2021) New Mod, New Name (13/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 1 (14/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 2 (16/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 3 - Map Complete (17/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 4 - Connecting the Dots (18/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 5 - Testing, Testing, Testing... (18/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 6 - A Lot of Flags... (20/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 7 - Almost Done... (24/06/2021) First Demo: Released! (24/06/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 1 - More Background Completion (29/06/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 2 - A Darkness Falls on the World... (30/06/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 3 - Background Complete! (01/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 4 - Province Drawing 2 Electric Boogaloo (02/07/2021) First Demo: Scenario Update (04/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 5 - Still Scribbling... (05/07/2021) A Time-Based Solution for Province Movement (06/07/2021) The Technology Question (09/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 6 - Too Many Provinces... (13/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 7 - The Province Genocide (16/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 8 - Provinces in the Map Editor (17/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 9 - Nearing Completion (18/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 10 - Province Statistics (19/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 11 - A Civil War of Sorts (19/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 12 - The World in 2021 (20/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 13 - Divide and... Conquer? (22/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 14 - Pick Your Poison (25/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 15 - The Eastern Rekoviad (27/07/2021) Scenario Showcase: Mythic Dynasties (28/07/2021) Scenario Showcase: Winter is Coming (30/07/2021) Scenario Showcase: Between East and West (30/07/2021) Scenario Showcase: The New Age (31/07/2021) Scenario Showcase: Century of Humiliation (01/08/2021) Scenario Showcase: Shattering of the Flower (01/08/2021) Scenario Showcase: Superregion Wars (03/08/2021) Scenario Showcase: Turn of the Old Millennium (03/08/2021) Scenario Showcase: Age of Darkness (04/08/2021) Second Demo: Released! (05/08/2021) - END OF DEMO DEVELOPMENT Leaving the Boundaries
      (making of full 10,000 province map and Alpha development)
      August 2021 - December 2021
      Full Map Progress: Part 1 - Yet Another Beginning (07/08/2021) - BEGINNING OF FULL MAP DEVELOPMENT Full Map Progress: Part 2 - The First Thousand (08/08/2021) Full Map Progress: Part 3 - Going East (09/08/2021) Full Map Progress: Part 4 - A Little Break Now... (12/08/2021) Full Map Progress: Part 5 - War of 2.5 Continents (28/08/2021) Full Map Progress: Part 6 - The Sun Shines Over the Full Map (01/09/2021) Alpha Progress: Part 1 - Watch your Terrain (05/09/2021) Alpha Progress: Part 2 - Civilization Confetti (27/09/2021) Alpha Progress: Part 3 - I'm sure it's grown out now... (03/10/2021) Alpha Progress: Part 4 - Forward Through Time (14/10/2021) Alpha Progress: Part 5 - A Thousand Years of Progress (05/11/2021) A Change Beyond Any
      (Beta development and implementing of new features and mechanics)
      December 2021 - ?
      Reaching the Finish Line
      (progress towards Final version)
      ? - ???
      * New Generation: maps made using map sectioning (splitting maps into multiple layers of provinces, regions and super-regions) and more careful province drawing

      Statistics below for the old, pre-remake version. 
      Current old mod version: FINAL 2.0 (The Definitive Edition, OLD VERSION/T.O.R. Mod)
      FINAL 2.0 (The Definitive Edition) download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rYAY2SdzSD6rx0iL8nqHH9D9g6yB9fKx/view?usp=sharing (backup your game first)
      FINAL 1.0 (pre-Definitive Edition) download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ptLK3ulpRbviU86PevUwgHNRHudW1ZD/view?usp=sharing (backup your game first)

      Features of Old FINAL 2.0:
      V1 World Map (1617/~1750-1800 provinces) (select "ToR" map) Map of Ravenfield (WIP, 1890 provinces) (select "ToR Ravenfield" map) Test Worlds (60 and 205 provinces) (select "Map Sectioning Test" and "Map Sectioning Test - Expanded" maps) CIVILIZATIONS
      Over 200 new civilizations (over 800 planned) 31 formable civilizations GAMEPLAY
      Increased population and economy growth for higher realism New government types, and adjustments to existing ones HRE replaced with Ravenfielder Empire LANGUAGES
      - English (always complete)
      - Russian (incomplete and undergoing major revisions)
      - Lithuanian (incomplete)

    • By 123
      Where in the code can I change the speed of assimilation?
    • By Hazen

      Recently I had an idea to do, I noticed that there are a lot of WW2 or Hoi4 mods on the forum anyway, so I had the idea to make a scenario with a real history events in 1939-1945. I know this is a big plan, and they fail quickest, especially if is done alone. It will probably take a long time, anyway project will be available when I do Europe and America complete enough 
      Current goal:
      -basic events in WW2 in Europe and North America
      For this scenario I am based on this mod, I really liked the new governance models and the simple map (author, if you don't want me to use your mod please write me):
      Below text is actual progress of scanario, 
      I will update it whenever I can 
      - better tlanslate and matched photos for events
      - added more events for Europe from 1936 to early 1939
      - basic events preceding World War 2 are complete

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