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Crusaders III - CK3 Mod for AoC2 (1100 / 8503 Provinces) (CONTINUES..)

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1 hour ago, Ern and Vaux said:

later, C3 is our main goal for now we know you guys are waiting world+ we love world+ but yeah we cant do 2 mods at the same time


lol k

Just make sure not to forget about it. People still want to play it someday.

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51 minutes ago, Chairman Baad said:

lol k

Just make sure not to forget about it. People still want to play it someday.

Our scenario makers are doing scenarios for Conqueror's II v1.2 now. And we are doing the Crusaders III at the same time. After our scenario makers finished the Conqueror's II updates, they will start to the World+ Full Version.

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2 hours ago, That_mAntis said:

Can you guarantee this mod will be finished? You seem to have habit of doing big work, Then leaving it unfinished to some extend.

Don't worry. It'll finish. We are working 4 persons for the map, 5 persons for scenarios and 1 person for city names. We did 647 provinces yesterday in just 1 day. 👍 

Edited by Kerems2434

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19 minutes ago, Poland_in_1939 said:

це буде добре збалансовано? тому що, схоже, починаючи з Польщі та Чехії провінції набагато більші, тому їй потрібно мати більше економіки та населення, щоб збалансувати. Також це зелене - одна провінція? (на фото)


this province must be the Iberian Mountains, that is, empty

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On 11/3/2020 at 9:06 PM, Poland_in_1939 said:

will it be balanced well? cause it looks like starting from poland and czech republic provinces are much bigger so it needs to have more economy and population to be balanced. Also is this green a one province? (on pic)


Its wasteland in CK3 but we cant leave it empty, it's pyrenees

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