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Less province but really less

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I already said that when it comes out to download download it, this is very well done. You started from March or even more (IDK how much) And you continue working on this. Simply incredible.聽
You deserve more support. Keep it up聽馃憤

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    • By Based
      After seeing a lack of simplified maps, I decided to make one of my own. Keep in mind that this is my first mod and that I had no previous experience doing something like this. Anyways, here is a mod with 22 scenarios, +2 joke ones, 25 new civilizations, 29 formables and only 533 provinces.
      This map encompasses North America, The Caribbean, North Africa, Part of Asia Minor and Asia Central and Europe. I apologize in advance if you see any border error.
      I hope you all聽enjoy this聽mod made by me.
      - Simplified Sam - aka Based
      MOD (With background):聽Terranova.rar
      聽 聽 聽 路This version it's already preinstalled for you, so you don't have to do anything except download and extract the file, it only contains the Terranova map (with scenarios and civilizations)聽and nothing else. Have fun.
      MOD FOR ANDROID:聽https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ppwFQQJylW9l_z-rej9bqJerVMyha2FG/view?usp=sharing
      聽 聽 聽路Instructions: Just need a RAR reader, install it, and play it.
      Mod for Android with聽Addon+聽(Made by Lta):
      聽 聽 聽路Tip for mobile users:
      聽 聽 聽路If the loading screen stops at 49% or other percentage, just close and reopen the app, it fixes itself.
      聽 聽 聽路If you try to change the map from the map you currently are to Terranova and it stops in at the loading screen.聽
      聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Go to Settings --> Map: "The map you currently are" --> Select Terranova --> Select Scale x1 - [4440x2600]
      - Map, provinces and coding (Terranova); made by Simplified Sam (Based)
      - Adaptation for Addon 1.4.1; made by Lta
      Follow me and this topic if you enjoyed my mod, and leave some feedback in the comments. It was a fun experience creating this. 馃槃
    • By Based
      I want to play aoc2 but the thing is that there are so many unnecessary provinces in the map. Wondering if someone has any idea about the topic.
    • By urdekreiz

      @urdekreiz聽& @Resul Pasha聽presents...


      1- Less and Useful Provinces.

      2-聽Switchable Background Option (PC only).

      3-聽Detailed Scenarios.

      4-聽New Government Types.

      5-聽New UI Design.

      6-聽New Civilizations.

      7-聽New Formable Civilizations

      8- New Civilization Flags

      9-聽New Color Palettes

      10- New Soundtracks

      11-聽Arrangements in Game Codes [Maybe]
      . . .
      I'm about to take an exam that will affect my life, see you 馃槥

    • By mimida21
      hello everyone, i'm new to this platform,聽 plus this map i was working on, took me about 6 days in total when it's come to map making,聽what聽inspire me is that some famous guy on the forum with xi as profile pic called age of history 2 as "risk ripoff",聽but without further a do, welcome to:
      RISK: age of history 2 edition

      +almost like aoh1, but way smaller.
      -some聽country聽placement may be wrong聽but it's not like risk was聽accurate to begin with.

      - eleven聽scenario as of right now (there'll be more to come, don't worry)
      0.2 update : + fixed the regional placement of the map.
      + added a new scenario: 1440.
      +聽a ton of formable nations, around 27.
      + created alot of city in different聽provinces.
      -聽 due to the lack of sea聽province聽in the map, there's only one province wastelanded in 1440.
      -聽 i accidently made H.R.E the number one in 1440.
      0.3 update: + fixed terrain placement slightly, and fix some continent placement *northern north America and Alaska ain't Asia*
      + 3 more scenarios added.
      + made a new civilization exclusive to one scenario (the requested one).
      - still no sea provinces as of now.
      note: the map was made with map editor 2 and edited with聽vanilla game.
      0.4 update: +聽brand new聽but聽probably stolen and modified聽a bit聽map: africa.
      + a new scenario for original risk map.
      - still no聽sea province for聽original risk map...
      0.4.1 update: + some minor fixes around connection between聽provinces.
      +聽 three new scenarios for risk Africa.
      + around 11聽formable nations added.
      - still no update for original risk map (i'll get around for this sometime).
      0.5 update: + SEA!, finally added ocean provinces.
      +聽5 more scenarios聽added (most of them may be small and short).
      - couldn't figure out how to turn it into android yet...
      -no progress on risk Africa yet.
      download down below if you're聽interested:
      (for some dumb聽reason, the mod is undownloadable unless you're a member of this website forum, i'll look around this once the rar file getting heavy or something like that聽)

      Risk age of history 2 edition (version 0.5).rar
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