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New Napoleonic Reich

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Welcome to New Napoleonic Reich !






What is the story of the Kaiserreich? 

The Great War known as Weltkrieg ends on November 6, 1921 with victory of German Empire and the Central Powers. It would seem that Germany, which is a superpower, will never fall, but a series of syndicalist revolutions changed the whole view of situation of all states. Nationalist and revanchist sentiments are growing faster and faster, and the workers are eager to start another revolution to create a socialist utopia. New powers are emerging in the world that can achieve dominance or simply fall and become another pawn in the big game !

What does the mod guarantee ?

-New Civilizations

-New Flags

-New Leaders

-New Provinces

-New Background

-New Provinces

-New Font

-New UI (for now in future)

-A Lot of Various Scenarios

-New Game Code

-New Music

What does the mod look like ?

The appearance of main menu and kaiserreich scenario is shown below13.thumb.png.48163ac79d8f1cac4128173b1debca7a.png


You might be wondering who rules the major countries of world, here's a quick summary !



However the mod doesn't just a scenario with civilizations and leaders - there are also events ! There will be more than 2000 in the upcoming version ! And here are some of them...


Do you want to download a mod or find out about new things/leaks from mod ?

Here's link for our discord ---> https://discord.gg/cRWXkPkHfr

If you want our can share here opinion about mod !

Hugs and Kisses yours Winicjusz !



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"Welcome friends ! It's been almost 3 months since the release of version 1.0 in December and today I'm proud to present you the new version 1.1 which is now focusing on Europe and the USA. To add to the fact, the next version 1.2 will complete Europe and the Middle East. Game settings for the Kaiserreich scenario (very important) -game speed 50% -aggressiveness 0% -classic map mode

Description key for PC - jT7YdRLvYB1P8GvF2J8qWuZeDzOZUYq-zq7vaDOxF1o

PC version - https://mega.nz/file/xzB03ZaY

Mobile version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/15iqnCfGxdk4xXGusGRiyjMAcopM7xxZu/view?usp=drivesdk 


Edited by Emir of Granada

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A very short number of changes since version 1.1
-Added all paths of the French Republic (not including return to the mainland)
-Added syndicalist hit for Brazil
-Added all paths for Argentina and the Argentine-Patagonia war and the ability to choose a leader for Patagonia after defeating Argentina
-Added option for Chile after losing war with Argentina to overthrow syndicalist regime
-Added most paths of Greece
-Added a large amount for the Ottoman Empire (missing events will appear sometime)
-Added option to create Third Bulgarian Empire and Yugoslavia as Bulgaria
-Added fixed content for League War (however, it is currently very buggy and will be fixed in the next patch update)
-Added reworked content for Qing and Tibet
-Added events to Ma Clique,Sichuan Clique, Yunnan Clique, Fengtian Governemnt, Shanxi Clique, Xinjiang Clique, Kumul Khanate
-Added missing content for Japan
-Added a large number of evnets for Poland and Ukraine
-Added improved content for the Hunan Clique and Lianggaugn Clique (however, these places have become a bug farm and will be fixed in the next patch)
-Added German Civil War and Third Reich Propaganda Minister path
-Added syndicalist path for South Africa and Entente interventions in the country
-Added improved content in the Netherlands and added improved revolutions in Indonesia
-Added events for Wallonia
-Added events for Syria, Iraq, Assyria, Egypt, Yemen
-Added Azerbaijani interventions in the Desert War
-Added Kurdish rebellion
-Added more events for Jabal Shammar
-Added events to M.O.J.
-Added events for Central America (except Panama)
-Added the ability to elect a new chairman of the Bharatiya Commune
-Added container for Paraguay
-Added the ability to create Russia as Transamur and Bolshevik Latvia
-Added Campesionios War in Mexico
-Added the ability to reunite Italy

PC version - https://mega.nz/file/JmI3nAyb#RbO5KNji6WCkhPaqpe62UE6vi1Gkbz3ABsr2Qr_flHY
Mobile version

Description key for pc - RbO5KNji6WCkhPaqpe62UE6vi1Gkbz3ABsr2Qr_flHY

Game setting :
-50% of game speed for having better events
-0% aggressiveness to avoid random wars


Edited by Emir of Granada

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On 7/15/2023 at 12:23 AM, Emir of Granada said:

But the mod is alive?

yes, but we werent as active in forums as were in discord, but from now on i will post the update here aswell... including the new patch which will fix the bugs from 1.2.5 which is to be released pretty soon

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