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Hello, beautiful aoc2 community.

Do you remember Addon Redux? A mod that was supposed to revamp Addon? Well, after the death of Addon SC, I decided to revive it! I found a lost version of it with tons of changes that I added.

As the time being, the features it has are: 


- BE2 codes;

- A bunch of assets from MEGAMOD;

- Hoi4 Background;

- Cores in the modern world scenario (I will add them in all scenarios eventually);

- A bunch of scenarios;

- Official names for nations;

- MEGAMOD's Colour Palette;

- Translation for a bunch of languages.



Modern world with additional civs



Core population in Russia2009521881_Screenshot_20230302-140929_AddonRedux.jpg.26a987a9f2852286e25caa5ddaf2c1f0.jpg




Please join my discord server! I will be uploading teasers there.






PC: (Requires Java 6 or above. Download: https://download.oracle.com/java/17/latest/jdk-17_windows-x64_bin.exe).


INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the contents of the .zip folder into an empty folder, and run the game with the file 'AoC2.jar'. For more details, see the readme file in the .zip folder)








• Name of civilizations were fixed, now some nations won't appear as their tag anymore. 


• Addon UI brought back 


• New map of the British Isles added 


• MEGAMOD's soundtrack added 


• New scenarios, such as: 


- Northern War

- American war of independence

- 1853

- First Balkan War

- 1916

- Austria Hungary

- Polish lithuanian commonwealth

- Russia

- Old World Blues 


• Realistic population added to some scenarios 


• New cover for other scenarios 


• Core population added in Red World




• Map ported to Sieg Edition map, with a thousand extra provinces. 


• Most scenarios were fixed but some were left, such as the ones before the twentieth century. 


• New map background with Antarctica. 


• Sieg Edition's unnamed provinces were named. 


• Added city and metropolis to big and medium sized cities.


• Core population added to:


- Collapse of the Soviet Union

- 1988

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3 hours ago, BackToTheBrickStudios said:

What version of the Bloody Europe codes does this use?

And when will you make a PC version?


Pumped actually made the version for PC, but I still didn't put it in the topic. I'll do it now 

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On 4/3/2023 at 08:10, PHZanoniGamer said:

Tôi dường như không thể tìm thấy một phiên bản của nó cho Android 

You can't change the map?

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