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Hello Everyone, my second suggestion regarding the politics of the nation.

My previous suggestion:

In today's suggestion I would like to discuss the concept of outlooks and why it would be beneficial to be included in our beloved Age of History 3.

Ideologies are a sub-class of outlooks. The main outlooks being:

 - Left-Wing Authoritarianism.
 -  Right-Wing Authoritarianism.
 - Left-Wing Libertarianism.
 - Right-Wing Libertarianism.
Inside each outlook, we have sub ideologies:
(---) = Optional Ideologies which I think would be cool to have.

Left-Wing Authoritarianism Spectrum: 

 Communism - (Leninism/Stalinism) - Technocracy - Agrarianism - Republicanism - Labourism.

Left-Wing Authoritarianism main point of attraction could be: 

Positive = Effectiveness of Industrial and Agricultural Buildings is increased.
Negative = Lower Pop Growth.
Public Elections Disabled.

Right-Wing Authoritarianism:

  Absolute Monarchism -  (Feudalism) - National Socialism - Fascism - Conservatism - Liberalism.

Right-Wing Authoritarianism main point of attraction could be: 

Positive = Increased Manpower Gain.
Negative = Lower Assimilation Rate
Public Elections Disabled.

Left-Wing Libertarianism:

  Anarcho-Communism - Market Socialism - Syndicalism - Social Democracy - Social Liberalism.

Left-Wing Libertarianism main point of attraction could be:

Positive = Increased Assimilation Rate.
Negative = Lower Manpower Gain.
Public Elections Enabled.

Right-Wing Libertarianism:

  Anarcho-Capitalism - Minarchism - Propertarianism - Confederalism - Neo-Liberalism

Right-Wing Libertarianism main point of attraction could be:

Positive = Increased Legacy Points Gain.
Negative = Lower Population Growth.
Public Elections Enabled.

I have mentioned general points of attraction for each outlook.


Ideologies themselves should have their own personal benefits and negatives (or even mechanics!), for example:

  In a Technocracy, the monthly/daily gain of technology point will be increased.
      However, the overall disposable income is decreased as more of the income is spent of technological advances.
  A specialised mechanic for Technocracy could be  the ability to for a certain period of time (6 months or less) to increase the speed of current         research

And... That is it for this suggestion!

This is by no means to be taken directly as it is. Changes to benefits/negatives can and perhaps should be changed if Lukasz by some miracle reads this suggestion. 

Thank you for reading! Have a good day! 


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I think it will be easier just to have individual ideologies so you don't have to lump everything into a left/right or auth/lib binary.

In the early ages there should only be a few ideologies available such as

-Tribal (Primitive Communism)


-Ancient Democracy (Athens)

As you progress (aka industrialize) more ideologies should unlock. In the beginning stages of industrialization, liberalism should unlock, then sometime later communism, then later things like anarcho-capitalism. Then as you get into futuristic stuff you can come up with funny ideologies.

So at the end all the ideologies available can be

-Tribalism (Primitive Communism)


-Ancient Democracy



-Libertarianism (Free Market Capitalism, Stateless Capitalism)


Ideologies like Tribalism and Ancient Democracy should also become unavailable after you industrialize (point of no return)

I agree with you on sub-ideologies in your other post.

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We need separate goverment types and ideology 🤓

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