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Hello everyone


I am here with the new version of Age of Chaos, a mod that includes the autonomy of the best AOH2 mods.



- The number of scenarios increased from 109 to FULL 140 (with a few exceptions, none of them are mine)

- New interface (I mixed the old interface, neon blue and normal AOH2 interface)

- New ideology: Socialism

- Bloody Europe features added

- A few leader portraits have been renewed

- Added a few new leaders

- More civilizations in the civilization search screen (if you cannot find what you are looking for, write in English)

- Changing images in the main menu have been completely removed and a single background has been used.

- HOİ4 map background added

- New sound effects and music (to turn on music: Click next in Settings/Sound/Music)

- Lap transitions have been optimized in the best possible way (there is sufficient lap time on a device with 2 GB RAM)

- The game was crashing while scrolling down the scenarios section. Fixed

- More than 1 WW1 scenario added, most with events

- Red World and Conq. Added Trotsky scenario from 1.5.1

- Added channels to the map

- Added connection from Turkey to Nakhchivan


and more innovations that I don't remember


NOTES: We will make the Trotsky scenario exactly the same as the scenario in Conq. A few events have been added now.

In this version, we removed the uwut engine features, the reason: it slowed down the lap transitions (you can install a uwut engine if you want, BUT YOU CANNOT PUBLISH it)


Mobile link: https://social-unlock.com/r9fDl

PC link: https://social-unlock.com/kAYeC



I am open to all kinds of respectful criticism. My discord address for errors and suggestions is: ereniusska.


NEXT UPDATE: It's not clear yet, the device I modded on broke, I'll buy a new one, I'll take a short break until then.


Have a nice day everyone and have a good game.

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