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The Fall of the Iron Curtain Mod, TFIC short, will capture the major events of the 90s, starting with the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989 and ending with the 9/11 attacks in 2001 (afterwards there will be no events) While it will primarily spotlight the Ex-Yu and Post-Soviet countries, it will include significant events from around the globe. The mod will feature 115 world leaders. Moreover, it will introduce new provinces in the Ex-Yu and Post-Soviet regions to facilitate conflicts in these areas, creating a more realistic experience. 
It will feature the following  major events:
Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Democracy in Poland
Democracy in Hungary
Democracy in Bulgaria
Romanian Revolution
Democracy in Czechoslovakia
Democracy in Albania
German Reunification
Fall of the Soviet Union
Independence of Lithuania
Independence of Georgia
Independence of Belarus
Independence of Moldova
Independence of Ukraine
Independence of Estonia
Independence of Latvia
Independence of Tajikistan
Independence of Kyrgyzstan
Independence of Turkmenistan
Independence of Armenia
Independence of Azerbaijan
Independence of Russia
Independence of Kazakhstan
Transnistria Conflict
Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
Abkhazia Conflict
South Ossetia Conflict
Adjara's Autonomy
First Chechen War
Tajikistani Civil War
Breakup of Yugoslavia
Slovenian Independence
Croatian Independence
Macedonian Independence
Republic of Serbian Krajina Independence
Bosnian Partition (Republika Srpska, Herzeg Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
(Independence of Kosovo possible)
Ten-Day War
Croatian War of Independence
Bosnian Civil War
Kosovo War
2001 Insurgency in Macedonia
Other Major Events
Tiananmen Square Massacre
Namibian Independence
Yemen Unification
Somali Civil War
Algerian Civil War
Eritrean Independence
Congolese Civil War
Congo War
Iraqi-Kurdish War
Six-Day War
many others!

1990s Simulation
60+ Events
63 New Provinces

115 New Leaders
The mod is currently under development, set for release in spring. Your input, suggestions, and collaboration are welcome, as this is my very first mod.
You may contact me on discord:

Thank you!


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