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Other commands that could be included are also 

- to stop an ai (making them paralyzed-like)

- to stop all ai (making them paralyzed-like)

- to force alliance

- to force vassalage 

- to change countries

- to annex a province (for player and other ai)

- to annex a whole country (for player and other ai)

- to change culture percentage of the province

- to colonize a province

these possibilities would make the game experience a lot better; not only to cheat but also to try things out 🙂

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On 12/28/2018 at 1:14 AM, AreenLord said:

Hey Łukas!

It would be cool If there could be more commands in the game!

Like to:

Start a revolution in a country

Increase the Diplo. points instead of just 0.4

And more! xD

Best regrets



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