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vassal foreign policy

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Vassal in AoC2 is a medieval vassal: you can just take tribute and nothing else. For veto to vassal's foreign policy i suggest add new type of vassal.

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Maybay is possible make difference vassal for "era" more the era are "modern" less libery have vassals in the 1800-today exist puppets

Differentiate subjects:
Taxes: they can pay up to 25% of the money and you can recruit 30% of their recruited populations (active from the first era until 1700-1800). It can not be called in the war but you have to defend it!
Vassal (default): needs no explanation (active until 1700-1800)
Protectorate: provides 50% of the money. has no diplomacy (beginning in 1500-1600 ends in 1800-1900)
Puppet state: provides you with 20% of your research points, 15% of the money and you can recruit up to 70% of your units to 50% of the cost. He has no diplomacy. Automatically change the government with yours. (early 1900)

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