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Hello there! A Hardcore AOC Fan here for years :).

Anyways, here is my list of suggestions for the game [Some of which may be already suggested, but this is just making it more organized :P]

1) Brush mode for Investing, Assimilation, Festivals and Building construction.
These are pretty much self explanatory.
 Micromanagement gets annoying late game, where I have to manually select hundreds of provinces and improve them one by one.

2) Additional options for long term Investments.

Give us the option to select how long we should invest for, investment currently is also annoying when developing newly colonized civilizations.

3) Disband army changes

Currently, we get nearly no population from disbanding an army, we should at least get half or 75% the population. As far as i have seen, even disbanding tens of thousands of troops give less than a thousand population back.

4) Vassal Options

I Recommend adding an option for us to choose which areas the vassal prioritizes [Economy, Growth etc.] It's annoying when vassals don't grow because their economy is stuck at ~100-200 per province.

I also recommend adding a way for us to change the vassal's tax allocation, as well as an option for us to control the vassals action [With a chance of success/failure depending on relations]

5) Trade Fixes

I recommend adding a suggestion on how much money to give for a trade to succeed, or a chance meter for us to know. So far, I haven't had a successful trade for a province, which was annoying as i had to kill off a loyal ally just to form Prussia 😞

I also recommend trade acceptances being based off the economy of a nation [Like to buy a province they'll weigh the money they'll get vs the money they earn per turn or nations being bribed to declare war checking if it is a good deal.

6) An option to hire non-assimilated people.
Let us hire non-assimilated citizens for like 20-35 gold each. It will still make the game balanced, but it can help us in dire times [Colony getting wiped]

7) Diplomacy related

a) Add chance meters for Non aggression pacts, Unions, Military access etc.

b) Add for how many turns non aggression pacts you requested.

8) Population transfer

Let us transfer populations from one province to another.

That's all for now, I'll edit more stuff in when i have the time! 


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Instead of editing I'll add more content here, so it becomes visible [editing does not notify people afaik].

9) For the mass upgrades/build tool, to make it balanced, make using it more pricey than normal 
For example, instead of costing 10000 to upgrade that economy, it will instead take 13000 to make the game balanced.

10) [Non-Gameplay related] Extensive Plugin/Mod Support
If possible, I'd like to see support for plugins as add-ons, I'd like to make them myself without having to change the game's code.

Not plugins like different ui, but also adding commands, features etc.
11) Better Taxation/Expenditure Model.
Currently when you have a huge economy, changing tax rates is insignificant. The formula for that should be changed.
Also, increasing allocation of coins to goods and development doesn't change the rate that significantly, even though we might be spending more than triple what we used to.
12) [Diplomacy] Ask a friendly civilization to increase relations with another nation.
This is to prevent the situation that occurs when you cant ally someone even though you have 100 relations because your ally doesn't care about that civilization.

Will be adding more in the future. If you have any criticisms or concerns about these suggestions, please post down below and I'll try to explain how will that work or change it if something is wrong.


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